Sure, you could bring pants and shorts on a hike, but when you have a good pair of zip-off pants, you have both in one. The traditional problem with these types of pants for women, though, is that zip-offs were mostly just men’s pants sized smaller. They didn’t fit a woman’s body very well, and we often looked like we were swimming in them.


That’s changed, however, and pants like Fjallraven Abisko Midsummer Zip Off Trousers are aces when you want to travel light and be prepared for changing weather on the trail.

The pants are made with G-1000 Air Stretch fabric (comprised of 35-percent organic cotton and 65-percent partially recycled polyester) and stretch fabric that’s also made of partially recycled polyester. These light, airy fabrics stretch to accommodate activity, and are quick drying. Because they’re so lightweight, the pants are easy to pack in a suitcase or backpack.


You want pockets? There are plenty. The hand pockets are zippered with a mesh lining. There’s a secure, zippered pocket with bellow (which makes it easy to expand when you need) and an internal media pocket. Finally, there’s a map pocket with bellow and secure snaps.


The articulated knees make it easy for you to bend freely, whether you’re taking huge steps, or just need to feel comfortable when you’re sitting. The drawcord adjustments at the leg openings let you cinch as tight or loose as you need.

And finally, the zip-off function just above the knees transform your pants to shorts, or shorts to pants, depending on your preference.

The women’s Abisko Midsummer Zip Off Trousers come in dark navy, and mineral blue/clay blue and list for $165 on the Fjallraven site. The men’s version of the pants come in dark navy, and savannah/light olive, and list for the same amount.

Jung Tee from Jungmaven