lobotome1I’m a freak about making packing lists before I travel. I’ve got lists stored in my computer for my family’s annual summer trip back East, for beach vacations and for pop-up camping. But my boring columns of “things to bring” in Microsoft Word aren’t nearly as entertaining as this Pack ME notepad from the inspirational and irreverent company, LobotoME. (Any businesss named after a surgical procedure that severs nerves in the brain has got to have a sense of humor.)

LobotoME, a Colorado-based brand, promises to deliver “goods to keep ME sane,” and the line of notepads includes not only Pack ME, but also Feed ME (for meal planning), Help ME (for hubby’s honey-do’s), Sit ME (to leave for house/pet sitters) and Fit ME (to track exercise and healthy eating). The pre-printed 5.5 x 8.5-inch pads (with classy brown headers and pastel accents) come with 50 sheets, and they are printed on white recycled paper (made in the USA).

The Pack ME sheets include checklists for all your “to do” items before you leave (call kennel, turn down heat, forward phone), as well as important reminders for “the people in charge” (bring cell phone charger, insurance cards, hostess gifts, travel alarm). A separate section for “the lil’ people not in charge” includes lists of the kid stuff: snacks, diapers, bibs, plastic bags, toys, DVD player. Finally, the largest section has three columns, where each family member can check off they’ve packed their clothing, toiletries, swim stuff and outdoor clothing/gear.

If I had to change anything about the notepad, I’d make four columns for family members (two grownups, two kids, I think, is typical), but I suppose I could just put checkmarks next to the name of each item I’m supposed to pack, or split one column into two (or larger families can split all three columns to make six).

But it’s hard to find much fault in a product that includes “Breathe…” as one of the things to do before heading out on a trip.

Other LobotoME products include 9×12-inch “Sanity-Inducing Weekly Planners” that retail for $20. The organizational notepads are $10 each and sold on the LobotoME website.


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