Change is hard in almost any situation. The one time where I found change to be the easiest, was on one simple website called:

As a busy mom, entrepreneur and wife there were often weeks where my family was eating too much pizza or breakfast for dinner. It took the kids complaining before we made a change to our eating habits and our nutrition.

Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh is your answer to easy, fresh and delicious meals. The first step is to choose your meal plan. Hello Fresh has three options: Classic, Veggie and Family. The second step is to choose how many meals you want delivered a week and for how many people you will be cooking for.


Smoky Sour Cream

Smoky Sour Cream

In our home, we have 2 meals for 4 people delivered every week. Due to sports and work commitments our family eats on the go a couple nights a week so we aren’t home to make the meals. On the two nights that everyone can join us for dinner we have made it a priority to have a warm home cooked meal and discuss our 3 cheers and a jeer.

The family plan is offered at $7.49 per serving and you have the option between 2 or 3 recipes per week. For our family of four, I can make one meal and have the kids split a serving, my husband and I have our own serving and make a lunch (or two) out of the remaining serving. For this, it is only $69.92/week.

Hello Fresh even gives you the option to have your box delivered on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday. With a meal calendar, available online and through their easy to use app, you can skip weeks, change the meals that are automatically picked, add wine and send discount codes to your friends and neighbors.

My family loves anything taco related and there are plenty of fun taco and fajita recipes throughout the month. In addition, we always choose the Vietnamese Chicken Bowls and the Hoison Meatballs when they are available.

Special Occasion Meals

picture guides

Simple instructions with picture guides

Special Occasion Meals

Although we have our family favorites, our taste buds are always thrilled to try new meal ideas and honestly, I am always up for learning how to cook new things. Recently, Hello Fresh has added a Family Feast meal option. These meals are slightly more expensive but for good reason. They utilize better cuts of meat and herbs. For instance, one Family Feast meal is Rib-eye Steak with Truffle Sauce. I mean, how delicious does that sound?

The Family Feasts are meals I would order for Valentine’s Day, when guests come to stay, Christmas Day or any other special occasion.

The meal plans are labeled as Nut Free, Spicy, and Egg Free just in case you have dietary concerns or some really picky eaters.

A Month by Mail

When we were considering meal plans with other services, we spent one month only eating dinners that were shipped to us in the mail. Of the four we tried, everyone agreed on Hello Fresh. The winning reasons were the amount of dishes used, level of fats and sugars, most variety and best taste and most important was how much the kids could help cook and prep.

There are times when I attempt a meal on my own and if I fail to answer the inevitable “What’s for dinner?” question with “Hello Fresh” my kids won’t eat. They have grown so accustom to the simple, fresh meals that anything from a box tastes bland.

While Hello Fresh has helped us regain control over our food, it has really given us something to do as a family. In a world where everything is moving at light speed, it has been a blessing to sit down over good food and reconnect with our kids.

Safe travels!