For backpackers and camping aficionados seeking a harmonious blend of portability and comfort, the Helinox Chair Zero L emerges as a notable contender. Catering to those who demand a higher weight capacity without sacrificing convenience, this chair proves itself worthy for your outdoor adventures be it on the mountains or sideline at a weekend game.

Weight Capacity: One of the standout features of the Chair Zero L is its increased weight capacity, making it an ideal choice for a broader range of users. Constructed in the same trusted fashion as the original Chair Zero, the “L” can hold up to 320 lbs. Almost big enough to snuggle in, the chair could definitely accommodate two small kids wielding smores sticks. The Chair Zero L is great for individual backpackers and families looking for a lightweight and comfortable seating solution around the campfire.

Ease of Setup: Helinox understands time spent setting up complicated chairs, cots, and tables means less family time and a proportional increase in profanity. The Chair Zero L retains the swift setup characteristic of its predecessor, ensuring that users can effortlessly go from unpacking to lounging in a matter of minutes. The intuitive design and color-coded components make assembling a breeze, leaving more time to appreciate the surrounding beauty.

Packability: Maintaining the essence of Helinox’s commitment to portability, the Chair Zero L checks all the boxes. The chair folds down to a compact size, easily stowing away in your backpack without adding unnecessary bulk. Its lightweight nature complements the minimalist approach of backpackers (not you, Ultra hikers- you all are crazy). The weight of the Chair Zero L fully packed is 1.5 lbs. In my opinion, the Chair Zero L is worth it’s weight in comfort. After a long day on the trail or out playing, who really wants to sit on a log or on the ground?

Proprietary DAC Poles: Helinox’s commitment to quality is exemplified by the inclusion of proprietary DAC poles in the Chair Zero L. Renowned for their strength-to-weight ratio, these poles contribute to the chair’s robust structure while keeping the overall weight to a minimum. This ensures durability without compromising on the essential aspect of lightweight portability.

Comparison with the Original Chair Zero: When pitted against the original Chair Zero, the “L” model showcases advancements in weight capacity without compromising the principles that made the original Chair Zero a favorite among backpackers. Both share the same ease of setup, packability, and quality DAC poles, making the decision between the two a matter of personal preference and the need for additional weight support.

The Helinox Chair Zero L stands as a commendable choice for backpackers and camping families seeking a lightweight, durable, and comfortable seating solution. With its increased weight capacity, ease of setup, packability, and proprietary DAC poles, it effortlessly elevates your outdoor experience without burdening your backpack.

Helinox Chair Zero L can be found across multiple websites but is easily found on the Helinox website. It retails for under $160 and comes in two colors.


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