With the recent studies being published on the absorption rate of sunscreens, it is no wonder why we are searching for alternatives. Headsweats has always been a go-to brand for me. Their hats are incredibly comfortable and provide the relief from the sun that we crave. This season, Headsweats is introducing a new Ultra band.

Trucker Hat

The signature Trucker Hat from the Headsweats line is a crowd favorite. Constructed to fit every head, the Trucker Hat from Headsweats sits comfortably across the forehead and is padded for sweat removal and all day wear.

Trucker Hat

One of my favorite looks of the Headsweats lines is the bigfoot line. One hat after another sports a mysterious man lurking in trees, on buffalo plaid and dancing in the rain.

Coming from the Northwest, I couldn’t help but to request the rainy-day Sasquatch. The colors are bright and happy in what could prove to be a gray and dreary day.

The brim of the hat is longer than most and provides extended sun protection for your eyes and face. With the adjustable band in the back you can (dare we suggest it) share the hat and know it will fit anyone, anywhere.

Don’t fret when they steal your hat, there are plenty more on the Headsweats website. If the bigfoot series is not your cup of tea, I suggest looking at the National Park Series. Proceeds from the hats benefits the National Parks.

Ultra Band

New this year, Headsweats has developed a new multifunctional Ultra band. Long and lightweight, the Ultra band is a stretchable lightweight fabric. It can be used as a headband, hair band, neck warmer, and a baklava for starters.

Ultra Band

The patterns for the Ultra band are just as fun and vibrant as the patterns for their hat lines. Bright and sassy patterns also aid in visibility while you are out on the mountain, on the lake or paddle boarding down the river.

The Ultra band and Trucker hats are both vital to my travel gear as they each serve their purpose. The versatility of the Ultra band allows me to quickly shove it into a pocket in my backpack or throw my hair up and use it as a wrap.

With the adjustable strap on the Trucker hat, I can attach it to my bag for transport and throw it on when I need it most. The best part is that these two items can easily be worn together for maximum sun protection.


The Trucker Hat and Ultra band can be found on the Headsweats website and retail for $26.00 and $24.00, respectfully. They make the perfect gift for you or your loved ones.

Safe Travels!