Finding that one Go-To hat is always a problem. Can it pack well? Does it stay on? Is it cute? Headsweats is the leader in amazing hats for outdoor activities and the Boonie Hat is no exception.

Available in black or white, the Boonie Hat is perfect for those summer days when the sun is daunting and the trail provides little relief from its harmful rays.

The Boonie Hat is constructed from the Headsweats Eventure knit fabric with a Eventure terry sweatband to create enough moisture transfer that your head will stay cool throughout your hike, paddleboard excursion or fishing adventure.

While the brim isn’t as big as that fish you *almost* caught, it is large enough to cover your face and the back of your neck at 3-inches-wide.

Full sun protection

Full sun protection

Idaho can be quite windy and finding a hat that can provide full protection and stay on is a task.

Even with the Boonie Hat being sold in one size, you can perfect the fit using the adjustable quick fit closure. The adjustable chin strap also allows for another point of contact and security when wearing it.

As you can see in the pictures, the Boonie Hat was immediately claimed by our 9-year-old. If a hat can stay on his head, without complaint, there is no better hat in the universe. We have been on hundreds of hikes, boating trips and sightseeing tours where I am begging him to wear a hat and in the end, I end up carrying it. He wore the hat all day and discovered he could throw the Boonie Hat on his back when he wanted it off in the shade.

Boonie Hat

Also serves as a cape

The Boonie Hat is also lightweight enough to roll up and stuff into an empty water bottle sleeve on your backpack, stuff in a bag or shove into a back or cargo pant pocket. Seriously though, cargo pockets are the greatest for parents and are a staple in our travel wardrobe at this stage in life. You can read more about our favorite travel pants while you order your Boonie Hat.

We did discover the Boonie Hat does NOT float but is machine washable after a day’s wear. Just air dry flat and it is ready to go, holding onto it’s original shape. What can we say? Bonnies never die.

I love and live in my Headsweats Trucker hats and can’t wait for the kid to go to bed so I can confiscate the Boonie Hat back!

Boonie Hat retails for $25.00 on the Headsweats website and is slightly cheaper via We recommend the Boonie Hat for hiking, paddle boarding, fishing, sightseeing, and general daily use. It also serves as a great huckleberry container in case you come across some on the mountain. Be sure to leave your exact coordinates in the comments so we can come and join you!

Safe Travels!