I have used the 5.11 All Hazards Prime 29L Backpack on a daily basis, for about 3 months. The short of it is, this pack is bullet proof! I use this pack for everything. I use it as my daily go bag for work, over night trips, tactical training, hikes and general rucking.

As an everyday pack, the All Hazards Prime is perfect. I have ample room for everything that I need for work each day and it stays secure. It has a padded laptop sleeve that fits my 15 in. laptop perfectly. Every day I pack my files for work, laptop, lunch, and all of my every day concealed carry equipment. The molle loops provide unlimited attachment and accessory options. I currently have my IFAK (individual first aid kit) and holster for my Glock situated with molle straps for easy and quick access. It also comes with Velcro, tear out pouches that are intended for a first aid kit but I have one already, so I use it for electronics cords.


The versatility of the All Hazards Prime is unlike anything that I have used before. I have been an avid backpacker most of my life. For years, I have used a traditional, internal frame backpack and my load was consistently around 30 pounds. I wanted to try and slim things down, so I used my All Hazards Prime pack. Since there is no internal frame system in the pack, I wanted to keep my load lighter. I set out on an overnighter with a buddy and kept to just the bare essentials. My pack load was around 15-18 pounds and it rode like a champ. It was comfortable and secure. I was honestly surprised that it rode on my back as comfortably as it did. The pack comes with 1.5” buckles that accommodate an add on hip belt. I simply used basic 1.5” nylon strap and made my own hip strap. It was perfect for supporting the load of the pack on my hips. It is also easy to remove, so it doesn’t get caught in the car door when I am just throwing it in the back seat every day.5.11 Tactical Backpack

The All Hazards Prime is the perfect ruck pack for me. I set out for an 8-mile ruck about 3 times a week and I use this pack. I keep my EDC equipment (around 5 pounds) but add 3/10-pound sandbags into the main compartment. I am seriously surprised by the durability of the pack and how it maintains comfort. When I ruck, I add in an additional workout midway through and use my pack as a sandbag (taking out my EDC, of course).

When I train with our tactical team, I use the All Hazards Prime pack to carry ammo and other gear for the day. The straps have a lot of cushion, this makes it so I can’t effectively seat the stock of my rifle when shooting. I have since made some modifications to the strap so I can cinch my right strap farther over and make room for my stock. It’s not ideal, but I make it work. The pack ends up on the ground fairly often. During drills, I will drop my pack or use it as a shooting rest. It definitely takes the abuse.

Stink Proof

One surprising benefit to this pack, is that it doesn’t hold on to smells. I have used this pack multiple times to cart my Jiu Jitsu gear to practice. When I have finished a 3 hr. Jiu 5.11 Tactical BackpackJitsu practice, I stuff my sweaty gear into the Shove-it pocket. I thought that it would start to stink, but so far, so good.

When I said that I used the 5.11 All Hazards Prime 29L Backpack pack for everything…I mean everything. Personally, I don’t care for change. I am the guy that finds a comfortable pair of pants and then buys 2 more pair as backup. That is how I feel about All Hazards Prime backpack. I use it so much, that I am afraid that it will one day wear out and I won’t have it anymore. I may need to buy a second pack, just in case. The thing is, as much as I have used it, it doesn’t show any signs of wear.

Like a fine wine, the All Hazards Prime 29L Backpack has a 92% rating on the 5.11 Tactical site. All Hazards Prime 29L Backpack can be purchased on the 5.11 Tactical website and Amazon.com.


Article by Rob Blackston