A quality pair of thin, three-season gloves is essential for serious travelers, whether your adventures take you to remote parts of the world or simply to on holiday during the off-season.

We pack gloves for just about every journey, from trips to Europe during the winter to summer whitewater rafting and backpacking trips. You never know when the weather will turn, and gloves can be a lightweight and small item to have at the ready.

This summer, we tried out two offerings from Hanz, the maker of ingenious knit waterproof gloves. We took these gloves on a backpacking trip through a rare summer downpour, and during summer kayaking day trips in the Pacific Northwest.

My pair will come along for a trip to South America this month as well.  Depending on your needs, there are two Hanz gloves worth considering for your travel essentials:

Hanz Lightweight Waterproof glove:

Hanz Waterproof Gloves
  • Quality Tested And Ensured For Maximum Durability.
  • Designed With Only The Toughest, Roughest Users In Mind.
  • Comfort And Performance Come Hand In Hand With Rothco.

These gloves are knit (and therefore not bulky or puffy), and yet completely waterproof. The three-layer membrane construction of this glove is bonded throughout, so you really can dip your hand into water and it will remain dry.

This glove isn’t for extreme cold temperatures, but worked well for us in the situations described above. There is a wicking liner, which helps prevent sweating in the glove, and while waterproof, the membrane is stretchy.

It’s made from a nylong/lycra blend with a wrist-length cuff. You get abrasion-resistant grip dots on the palms and fingers; I found I could perform all usual functions, like tying ropes, grabbing things out of my bag, rowing, and hiking, without issue. They’re seamless, and each glove is pressure tested to ensure it really is leak-proof.

Hanz Waterproof Tap-Knit Touchscreen glove:

Hanz Waterproof Tap-knit Touchscreen Gloves
  • Seamless Construction With Tap-Knit Technology.
  • Ensures Your Gloves Work With Every Touch.
  • Dual-Zone Construction Optimizes Dexterity.
  • Seamless Liner Glove With Tap-Knit Technology.

If you need to use your cell phone, tablet, or computer screen while wearing gloves, opt for the touchscreen glove instead. I tested these on a cool morning run, as I like to exercise with my phone and navigate through music play lists.

The touchscreen pads on the fingers worked perfectly. I know these gloves will be a mainstay for me in the truly cold and wet winter months.

You still get waterproof protection and the grip dots as well, and the cuff length is the same…on the wrist. In fact, the touchscreen gloves are nearly identical to the regular ones; the pads on the fingers is the only difference.

The three-layer construction and pressure bonded promise still applies. You still get a liner for wicking moisture as well.

Both gloves pack down easily in a day pack or carry-on for ease of travel. Pick them up on Hanzusa website in small through extra-large for approximately $30 for the regular waterproof gloves and $45 for the touchscreen gloves, or look for them on Amazon for a few bucks less.

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