Best Insulated Coffee Mugs for 2019

Insulated Coffee Mugs

Getting your precious morning latte from point A to point B can be a difficult task if you aren’t equipped with the proper travel mug.

Anyone who’s forgotten to drink up their freshly-made iced coffee in the first 10 minutes and landed up with a watery mess knows what we mean.

Instead of spending money on frequently replacing flimsy dollar store flasks, we highly recommend you shift your focus to buying one good quality, durable product that does its job, and lasts.

After vigorous testing and many, many cups of coffee drunk, we think we’ve finally found the best insulating travel mug on the market for 2019, the YETI Rambler Stainless Steel Insulated Coffee Mug.

Read on to find out why we are so excited about this product, how to choose the best-insulated travel mug for your specific routine and how heat retention mugs work to keep things cool too.

Our Favorite Insulated Coffee Mug: YETI Rambler Stainless Coffee Mug with Vacuum Insulation

YETI Rambler Stainless Coffee Mug with Vacuum Insulation
50,799 Reviews
YETI Rambler Stainless Coffee Mug with Vacuum Insulation

  • Most Over-Engineered Camp Mug Out There.
  • Full-Loop TripleGrip Handle.
  • Stronger, More Durable Drinkware.
  • Double-wall Vacuum Insulation.
  • Dishwasher Safe.

The YETI Rambler gives up the impression that engineers are serious coffee drinkers.

The product engineers at YETI care so much about the integrity of their caffeinated drinks that they have created a range of products guaranteed to help coffee drinkers all over the world keep their cold drinks colder and their hot drinks piping hot for longer.

The mug itself has a clean and ultra-functional design and is lighter than your average mug despite being endowed with features like a strong aluminum body and large handle.

The body of the YETI Rambler is covered in Duracoat, making it highly resistant to color fading, scratches or overlay peeling.

What you should know about YETI Insulated Coffee Mugs

  • Double-wall vacuum insulation technology to retain heat and keep cool
  • “No Sweat” design means a lower risk of moisture causing frostbite
  • Large, full-loop TripleGrip handle fits hands (and mits!) of sizes
  • Available in 9 classy colors
  • Modernized antique aesthetic very on trend
  • 14 oz volume
  • Dishwasher safe

The YETI cup appeals to different types of people for different reasons.

The sleek Black mug is understated and sophisticated, perfect for getting to and from the office, with a long heat retention time and a vacuum valve that prevents spilling on your suit.

The Seafoam Green and Reef Blue go amazingly well with a cool backpack and some cute shoes when heading to class if your overall look is important to you.

Pro Tip: Some water bottles are made of plastics that can become carcinogenic (cancer-causing) over time. Always check to make sure whether the travel mug you are buying is 100% BPA free, and if it isn’t, invest only if they have used another healthy way to prevent any BPA contamination.

YETI is 100% BPA free, so you can give your kids juice, make yourself tea or transport your iced coffee without risking cell damage.


Insulated Coffee Mugs FAQ

What Is An Insulated Coffee Mug?

While insulated coffee mugs have been on the market for a long time, the quality and functionality thereof have bloomed, and today you can find amazing products online like the YETI and the Hydro Flask (keep reading for the review!) that offer maximum heat retention as well as melt protection.

Otherwise known as a thermos, insulated coffee mugs are double-walled containers that prevent any excess heat energy being lost through the air inside the mug.

They also protect cold liquids from getting in contact with warm air. They do this by creating a vacuum inside the container with a tight seal.

Why Should You Buy An Insulated Mug For Coffee?

If you want to keep your cold drinks colder for longer, and your warm drinks, well, warmer, then you should undoubtedly invest in a good thermos.

Insulated coffee mugs make your life more convenient and enjoyable in several different scenarios. Insulated coffee mugs can be used when:

  • Getting to and from the office
  • Walking around campus
  • Camping
  • Hiking
  • Picnicking
  • Really, anything!

What Makes A Great Insulated Coffee Mug?

The best insulated coffee mugs have several layers to separate the intermingling of heat energy outside and inside of the container.

Although some older models still use glass as an inside layer, this is an outdated design idea that leads to many products breaking easily.

Look for a product like the YETI Rambler that is aluminum-coated, with a polymer lining. These tend to be the least fragile and store the most heat.

What About BPA?

Bisphenol A, or BPA, is a man-made organic chemical that is used to make water bottles and other plastic items.

Studies have shown that BPA does indeed exhibit carcinogenic features and avoiding products that contain BPA is ideal.

How Do You Clean An Insulated Coffee Mug?

When you choose your coffee mug, look out for a label that says “dishwasher-safe”.

Products like YETI Insulated Coffee Mugs are very convenient to clean, as you don’t need to worry about any peeling or drying out of the mug when you put it in the dishwasher.

If you don’t have a dishwasher, simply clean it as you would your average water bottle or mug, with dishwashing liquid and a sponge in water.

Which Travel Mug Keeps Coffee Hot The Longest?

The only real way to determine which travel mug has the best heat retention is to test it out, of course.

We tested four competing products in all sorts of conditions and recorded the outcome. We left flasks out in the cold morning air, made mugs of frosty iced tea and left them in a hot car, and even dropped on the kitchen tiles.

What We Discovered:

Even though all 4 contenders held up remarkably to being dropped on the floor (thanks, aluminum!), the winner of both the heat and cold retention test was the YETI Rambler.

Coming in at a close second is the popular Hydro Flask Travel Mug. Have a quick look at what your alternatives are, should you not yet be wooed by our number one.


1st Runner Up for Best Insulated Coffee Mug: Hydro Flask Flip Cap Travel Mug

Hydro Flask Flip Cap Travel Mug
635 Reviews
Hydro Flask Flip Cap Travel Mug

  • Design in Mind.
  • Slip-FREE Grip.
  • Just the Right Size.
  • Insulation Innovation.
  • Easy Access Hydro Flip.

What is very cool about the Hydro Flask Flip Cap, is how many awesome colors it comes in. From Olive to Lava to Lemon to pure White, there is a shade of mug for everyone. This makes them a great idea for gifts!

Like YETI, Hydro Flask is BPA-free, so it can keep your beverages piping hot without causing any threat to your health. It has a powder coat which allows the holder a tighter, sturdier grip while simultaneously preventing condensation.

What You Should Know About Hydro Flask Flip Cap Travel Mug

  • Uses TempShield insulation technology for optimum temperature control
  • Has a Hydro Flip lid for convenient on-the-go sipping
  • Can keep your beverage cold for up to 24 hours
  • It is prone to leaking, unfortunately
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Come in 12oz,16oz, and 20oz


2nd Runner Up for Best Insulated Coffee Mug: BEAST Insulated Stainless Steel Coffee Cup

This bad boy is intimidating before it’s even out of the box! What makes the BEAST Tumbler unique is that it plays well with the cold beverage and cocktail bar scene.

True to their name, this product is strong, made of Premium 304 18/8 Food-Grade Stainless Steel, but each tumbler does come with 2 unbreakable steel straws and a dainty straw cleaning brush for some finesse.

It did not insulate hot beverages quite as well as the others but proved great for keeping crushed ice cool in the heat.

It is also dishwasher safe, a bonus to any purchase that gets dirty.

What You Should Know About The BEAST Insulated Stainless Steel Coffee Cup

  • Has great packing, perfect for Fathers’ Day or Christmas Gifts
  • Has 2 “unbreakable” straws and a brush included
  • Excellent at keeping things cool
  • Second best when it comes to hot beverages
  • Has an electro-polished interior to prevent rust
  • 12 oz


Honorable Mention: Thermos Stainless Steel Sipp Travel Tumbler

Thermos Stainless Steel Sipp Travel Tumbler
15,339 Reviews
Thermos Stainless Steel Sipp Travel Tumbler

  • Thermos Vacuum Insulation Technology.
  • Durable Stainless Steel Interior and Exterior.
  • Cool to the Touch.
  • Built in Tea Hook.
  • Fits Most Automobile Cup Holders.

The classic Thermos Stainless Steel Sipp Travel Tumbler is much more than a water bottle, but honestly a bit less of an insulated coffee mug than the YETI. It’s sleek, the on-trend design makes it perfect for professionals on the go.

They are easily cleaned in the dishwasher without getting damaged and are 100% BPA free too.

This design is more of the classic image we have when we see a “thermos” in our minds, and while it has lasted the test of time, it is becoming overshadowed by the small technological advancements other brands are making.

Not to mention how much we wish this thing had a handle.

What You Should Know About The Thermos Stainless Steel Travel Tumbler

  • Stainless steel interior and exterior
  • 6 low-key fashionable color options
  • BPA Free
  • Looks very expensive but is actually reasonably priced at under $30
  • 16oz


Our Verdict: YETI is the Beverage Insulation Master, In Style!

YETI Rambler Stainless Coffee Mug with Vacuum Insulation
50,799 Reviews
YETI Rambler Stainless Coffee Mug with Vacuum Insulation

  • Most Over-Engineered Camp Mug Out There.
  • Full-Loop TripleGrip Handle.
  • Stronger, More Durable Drinkware.
  • Double-wall Vacuum Insulation.
  • Dishwasher Safe.

Sitting here with the same coffee we poured 5 hours ago, breathing in the warm, rich aroma of roasted Guatemalan coffee beans, we still struggle to believe how long the YETI Rambler can keep a cup of coffee warm.

But ultimately, how long a flask can keep your drink hot is not the only aspect of an insulating coffee mug you want to evaluate before buying.

Although you can get a Hydro Flask in any color under the sun, when it comes to investing in a durable, long-lasting product, aesthetics should come second, and functionality first. The YETI Rambler just so happens to do both perfectly.