I was excited to get my feet into some great new running socks from a variety of companies for this review. I tested them out so you don’t have to!

Grit From Zensah- BEST

Never mind the harsh name, these socks are as soft as a baby’s… well, you know. Made with merino wool, these socks fit snuggly over your feet without slipping and allowing for air flow during your workout. The Polycolon Fiber weave allows for effective moisture wicking even on the hottest days. I had no trouble with the toe in the Grit Sock even on my longest outing of 8 miles though sandy, uneven terrain. The arch support is perfect for me. It supports enough to keep your feet feeling fresh and energized without allowing my plantar fascia to become inflamed.

Grit Socks

I wore these for 25 miles of running, a 3-hour car ride, 2 eight-hour work days at the hospital. When I asked my husband to smell them he couldn’t tell they hadn’t been washed for 7 days. I was very impressed by the anti-stink of these Grit Socks. They come in 5 different colors, all of which are great for any runner. Zensah has a fantastic line of socks ranging from tennis to compression. At the time of printing the Grit socks cost around $15 a pair and comes with a Lifetime Guarantee. We have covered other travel worthy Zensah socks on our site. Click here!


Elite Max From Feetures!- BETTER

Hands down, I love these Elite Max socks. The have the cushion I need for my runs and hikes, the back raises high enough to protect my Achilles from blisters and they just feel so good. What is the best sock for you? The one that feels the best, am I right? The price point is around $15 a pair and comes with a Lifetime Guarantee.

Elite Max socks

I wore these Elite Max socks out on hikes and trail runs in Northern Idaho for a couple of days. The socks maintained their shape and compression without washing. Even with the dust and mud, they stayed clean smelling and the dark colors concealed much of the grim. The anatomical design of these socks greatly increases their durability and runner comfort as well as maintaining the arch compression and support.


Raleigh Farm to Feet

Woven in bright, beautiful colors these low show socks from FarmtoFeet are fun and make you want to get out on the trails to show off your fashionista side. They are extremely light weight with fantastic seams in the toes and moisture wicking. For me, there isn’t enough compression support in the arch and I felt as if my feet were slipping around in my shoes. By the fifth mile I was over them as they seemed to grow with every mile. I would suggest these socks for walking around town or traveling through airports.

Farm to Feet Socks


Smartwool Run PhD Socks

Colorful, light and thin material. These Run PhD socks are soft and conform to your foot. Personally, these were my least favorite of the running socks. The heal fell during the run and I felt as if my feet were swimming in my shoes as I am used to thicker socks. No adjustment of the laces seemed to help with this issue. The no show of the sock is spot on. I wish Smartwool would reengineer them with a tab in the back just to help with the slippage. These will be my go-to socks for light walking in the summer and inside the house during the winter months. I have tried other socks from Smartwool and have always been impressed with their function. I look forward to what the engineers make of this sock in the coming years.

Run PhD Socks

All Socks can be found on their respective sites or on Amazon.com. Enjoy the outdoors!

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