GSI Outdoors kitchen accessories: Time to get your camping game dialed

Spring is the prefect time of year to get your camping game dialed, and if your camping kitchen could use a few luxury items to make getting up and getting food prepped a breeze, the following camping kitchen accessories are in order:

GSI Outdoors pour over java set:

If you’re like me, nothing quite manages to get me up and out of my tent in the mornings like really, really good coffee. And there’s no reason to be drinking the instant stuff when you have GSI’s pour over java set. It includes a ceramic coffee grinder (apparently, ceramic unlocks the flavor of your favorite beans better than blade-style grinders) and a collapsible drip cone that holds a #4 filter (which brews 1-12 cups of coffee).

The grinder features a sturdy alloy grinder handle that nests and locks in place for easy packing, and the cone flattens completely with a lid, so the entire ensemble is easy to pack for your next camping trip. You can fit the drip cone over multiple-sized mugs, cups, and wide-mouth bottles, and the lid doubles as a trivet. The entire set is BPA-free, of course.

The set is $49.95, but if you just need the drip cone, you can pick that up on GSI Outdoors for under $13.

GSI Outdoors cut and prep set:

Whether you’re backpacking or car or van camping, a good knife is essential, and a packable cutting board is a sweet luxury. GSI’s cut and prep set includes a 3-ounce, 4-inch santoku paring knife, a rolling cutting surface, and a mesh bag to store them both in. The stainless steel blade is rockered for easy kitchen prep, and comes with a sheath to ensure safe handling and packing. The handle has a rubber grip and the ultralight cutting board rolls up tight for travel but unrolls to a largeĀ 8.25″ x 10.25″ prep surface.

I’ve brought this cut and prep kit along for road trips and picnics, too, as it fits easily into my cooler. It’s worked well in hotel rooms as well as at camp sites. Pick the set up for $15 on the GSI Outdoors site.

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