GSI Outdoors Escape Pot and Frypan for off the grid escape

In these current, unprecedented times, running for the hills and enjoying some nature and fresh air is an appealing form of social distancing. It gave me the perfect opportunity to try out the new Escape 3L pot and frypan from GSI Outdoors.

This collapsible silicone pot takes up over 50 percent less space in your gear bag or camper without compromising on quality. The hyper-conductive anodized base boils water or cooks your dinner fast–an average of 30 percent faster–which means you need to buy and carry less fuel. The lid doubles as a strainer, and the silicone pads on each side ensures you won’t burn your fingers in the process. You can measure in this pot, too.

The 9 inch non-stick frypan comes included, and both items nest together in their compact storage bag. This has proven to be a great cooking system for car camping and camper van adventures, and for easier clean up, just use a textured sponge instead of a dishcloth to get into the folds of the silicone.

Pick up the set for $79, or opt for just the pot for $64. There’s also a 2L pot option, which would work well for couples or solo campers. While you’re on the GSI Outdoors website, check out all their solutions for cooking, dining, and sleeping in the outdoors. Enjoy, and get off the grid for some solitary time in the wilderness and woods.

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