GSI Outdoors Bugaboo Backpacker cookware set

Ready to head into the woods with your favorite person and cook up a meal or two? GSI Outdoors has my favorite cookware set for the occasion. Why I love the Bugaboo Backpacker set: this cookware system is all-purpose, affordable, and convenient. The entire set nests into the included pot, and the total weight is under two pounds.

What you get:

  • Two liter pot
  • 8 inch frypan
  • strainer lid
  • two 14 fl. oz. mugs with insulated sleeves
  • two 14 fl. oz. bowls
  • two sip-through lids
  • folding pot gripper
  • dual-purpose carry sack/sink

Trust me when I say this is a huge value. The bowls and mugs can do dual-purpose, so you can actually call this a set for four people in a pinch. (Hey, nothing wrong with wiping out your coffee mug and refilling it with oatmeal.) The carry sack works great as a kitchen sink that actually does hold water without leaks, and the frypan can make for a nice prep space.

The bowls and mugs are color-coded, so you can say goodbye to kids bickering about a sibling touching their stuff. And I’ve managed to tuck some sporks into the top of the carry sack, too. Basically you have everything you need in one easy to carry and pack container.

The plastic is BPA-free of course, and the grip on the pot is good…I haven’t had any trouble using this with a variety of backpacking stoves. You get the whole thing for under $75…add a stove and some fuel and you’re ready to go! Pick it up on GSI Outdoors, or Amazon lists it for a similar price.

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