GSI Outdoors is continually pushing the boundaries of innovative products and their new line of GSI Outdoors Mircolite Twist has a gold star of approval from us at Practical Travel Gear. We tested the GSI Outdoors Microlite 500 Flip, 720 Twist and 1000 Twist. Weighing in at the heaviest was the Microlite 1000 Twist at only 13oz. I order coffees heavier than this bottle!

GSI Outdoors Microlite Twist

Both the Microlite 720 and 1000 Twist have a beveled screw top that allows for easy opening and a leash for easy attachment to your backpack with a carabiner. I filled my Microlite 1000 Twist with ice and water for our Earth Day hike and was impressed to see that the ice remained not only through the day hike but throughout the night. This was in addition to adding more water throughout the day.

The 1000 Twist has a 32-hour cold retention while the 720 twist has a 24-hour retention window. Each provides 18 and 12 hours of heat retention, respectively.

GSI Outdoors Microlite Flip

The GSI Outdoors Microlite 500 Flip provides 10 hours of heat and 20 hours of cold retention. While one would normally put water into a beautiful lightweight bottle as the 500 Flip, we chose to fill it with coffee and test the heat retention. The coffee was brewed and poured at 7am and by 3pm we still had hot coffee to come back to after a long hike.

The flip mechanism on the bottle allows you to open it with one hand and the pour spout ensure the liquid goes where it is intended to go! Within the lid, there is a easy to engage locking system so the lid cannot be accidentally opened.

The heat retention on these GSI Outdoors Microlite Twist and Flip bottles is ideal for the winter months. We have an old-school coffee carafe that we fill with hot chocolate for the kids prior to hitting the slopes. Historically, we have left it in the car and skied down, loaded everyone into the back of the truck and had some ‘cocoa fuel’. The slim design of the GSI Microlite bottles would allow for the hot chocolate to remain hot AND we can take it with us on the slopes due to the lighter weight. As a parent, that is a win-win!

The bottoms of all the GSI Outdoors Microlite bottles are lined with an anti-slip rubber. This allows you to sit it down on a variety of surfaces without making the well-known metal clink and the bottle will be more secure on uneven surfaces.

The Microlite 1000 Twist was carried by my 5-year-old on our 4-mile hike without any complaints. Not even one. That is a true testament to how light this functional but slim bottle is.

A Color for Every Personality!

GSI Outdoors Microlite bottles come in a fantastic array of colors! From the simple steel and black to a bright and engaging pink. Everyone in the family should get their own and personalize it! Additional caps can be ordered for specific bottles ($7.00).

The prices range from $25 to $35 for the Microlite 1000 Twist. A small investment for a bottle that will last a lifetime.

GSI Outdoors Microlite bottles can be found on their website or a small selection can be found on