The Grizzly Wolf Grill is an incredible grill that delivered a great tasting meal with an extreme amount of flavor. This grill has a sleek design that’s low profile, a lightweight design, and is made from 304 stainless steel which is durable and will rust resistant. It would be ideal for backpacking and hiking trips where you can encounter a great tasting meal out in the wilderness but could also utilize this grill at home over an open flame. The actual frame of the grill is 11 inches by 11.5 inches which provides a great work surface and space for cooking a good portion of food for the family. When the grill is packed up in its kit, it weighs 2.75 pounds and approximately 15 inches tall by 3 inches wide, which is lightweight enough to store on the side of a backpack. This grill kit comes with a premium well-made case, a fire starter multi tool which is sold separately in case you forget the lighter, cleaning tool, and a microfiber cleaning cloth. The Grizzly Wolf grill also has a few height adjustments for different scenarios; an 8-inch setting which is the maximum height when extended, 6- inch option, and a stay- flat option for low profile fires. This grill is incredibly easy to setup as you unroll the grill, place the brace down the middle for support, and then attach the stand which has slots at all four corners for the grill arms to place into. The setup was simple and took less than a minute.

I was extremely excited to try this Grizzly Wolf Grill out for the first time. I am always looking for different ways to cook food with great flavor and have always been curious about cooking over an open flame like this out in the forest. This slim and lightweight design would be perfect for backpacking, hiking, and snowmobiling where you can build a fire and have a great tasting meal without all the hassle. My first encounter with the Grizzly Wolf Grill was at my home where I used my fire pit outside. I built a low-profile fire and lets the coals get hot. I placed the grill on top of the fire and let that get warm before placing my food on top. I grilled tri tip burgers and Alaskan sockeye salmon on this grill for the first time and was I impressed. The grill held up well in the hot flames and provided a great flat surface for the food. I was blown away from the flavor when I took my first bite; it packed a punch of juicy smoked flavor. I was never worried about the integrity, structure, or quality of the metal as I could tell it was highly well made and would last a long time. I cannot wait to try this grill out on a backpacking trip because I have always wanted a product like the Grizzly wolf grill so I could provide an amazing cooking experience far out into the mountains. Fishing out in the high alpine lakes and having this great compact and light weight designed grill would provide an epic experience. The ease of cleanup was great as it comes with a cleaning tool and cleaning cloth which was a nice touch.

I am stoked about the Grizzly Wolf Grill because of the compact lightweight design, durability and quality of the product, and the experience it provides in remote places where you love to explore. I have experienced many times backpacking that I would use a rock or build a structure to cook but having the opportunity to use a product like the Grizzly Wolf grill would provide so many great cooking experiences wherever you decide to adventure.