Granite Gear Toughsacks for multiple use

Can you have too many stuff sacks? Nope! Whether I’m camping, backpacking, skiing, or traveling, having extra gear bags is as essential as a multi-tool or zip-locks. I love that Granite Gear has multiple options in their Toughsack line, allowing me to have a variety of sizes at the ready for every purpose.

The Toughsack line comes in sizes 2 liter through 16 liter T (tall), with everything in-between, in multiple colors. I recently used their largest version (the 16T) when my Kelty tent stuff sack suddenly bit the dust and ripped right before a backpacking trip. The tent and fly fit well in the Toughsack (though it was too narrow to fit the poles). This wasn’t a deal-breaker for me, since we like to divide the poles and tent up to spread out the weight in our packs anyway.

I have also used the smaller Toughsacks for first aid supplies, a trail ‘wallet’, and for small items such as chapstick, medications, and sunscreen. I love the 7 liter size for my puffy jacket (it compresses very small). There are sizes that work well for sleeping bags as well, though Granite Gear also has a compression sack offering that might work even better for this purpose.

The material on these stuff sacks is a tough 70 denier rip-stop with a white pigmented coating, (the same fabric used in their Dry Sacks and Drylite compression sacks). They also feature Hypalon grommets which are lighter and hold up better than brass grommets. You get a standard drawstring closure, and you can get the sacks in a variety of colors. A set of two starts at only $21 on the Granite Gear site. Enjoy the many uses!

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