Nobody likes to drag a huge bag around when they don’t have to. Once I’m in a destination, I like leaving the carry-on bags in my hotel room so I can lighten up and wander around. Hauling a big tote bag weighs me down, and unless I really need all that room for a day’s adventure, I much prefer a hip pack.

Formerly known as “fanny packs,” these small bags with a strap to fasten around your waist (or to wear cross-body) have come back into fashion in recent years as hip packs. One of my favorite hip packs to bring along on my adventures is the Aloha Collection Mini Hip Pack.

Smaller in size than some standard hip packs, the Mini Hip Pack makes me narrow down my essentials even more, so I can travel as light as possible. The bag itself (sans strap) measures about 9” wide x about 5” tall x about 2.5” deep. That may sound small, but I can usually fit a wallet, passport, phone, lip balm, and keys in mine when I need to. The main zippered compartment includes a small, inside zipper pocket for an ID or cards.

Even better, I often use mine on a flight to keep small important items close to me, rather than in the overhead bin or shoved somewhere at my feet. That way, I don’t have to crouch down to search for things when I need them.

Among the things I love about Aloha Collection bags is that they’re easy to clean and splash-proof—able to withstand a light splash like a cocktail spill, wave spray, or light rain. Considering the amount of time I’m either on the water or near the water, that quality helps my keep my belongings dry. Don’t mistake splash-proof with waterproof, however. The zipper and seams are not watertight, so if you submerge your bag, you won’t be very happy at the outcome.

The mini hip pack lists for $46 (and occasionally are on sale for about $36.80) and comes in a variety of colors and designs, from bright and tropical to urban monotone. Get yours on the Aloha Collection site.

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