GSI Outdoors is a sure bet when it comes to camping gear, especially in the category of the camp kitchen. We’ve been testing and buying GSI Outdoors cookware and kitchen gear for years, and what’s nice is that all the pieces still work well together and can be nested and integrated into whatever configurations we need. We can pick and choose from our GSI Outdoors items to customize our kitchen set-up for every camping trip.

If you’re still collecting camping gear or getting your camping gear established for your family for the first time, start with the new Glacier Stainless Steel Camper set. Here’s why: the Glacier set is a sturdy, ready-to-use cook set AND dining set in one. Like most GSI Outdoors items, it is cleverly designed so all the pieces nest together for easy storage and hauling to your campsite; grab just one bundle and you have everything you need to both make your meal and eat it.

Here’s what you get:

  • 3 liter pot
  • 2 liter pot
  • strainer lid
  • 9″ fry pan
  • (4) 14 fl. oz. mugs with insulated sleeves
  • (4) 14 fl. oz. bowls (that perfectly nest into the mugs)
  • (4) 7.5″ plastic plates
  • 4 sip-it tops (that further insulate)
  • folding pot gripper
  • welded sink

Glacier Stainless Steel Camper set

As noted, all of the above compacts into one easily-transportable piece. It is designed for four people, but can be adapted for two people. The ‘sink’ part is the carrying container, which works excellently to haul water and/or do your dishes in after each meal. The tableware items (bowls, mugs and plates) are color-coded so you can keep track of who forgot to wash their dish!

The details are there, too, such as the crushproof, heat-resistant strainer lid that works with either the pot or the frying pan. And the bases of the pots and frying pan have spiral-etchings that grip your stove or grill nicely for safety.

The only thing I wish came included in this set is utensils, but those are easy to pick up separately. We managed to store four plastic sporks under the plates when the cookset was nested. This set is perfect for car camping. If you’re backpacking, we suggest the Halulite Microdualist set. Pick up the Glacier at GSI Outdoors for $89.95, a great value for an entire system. Happy camping!


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