I love lightweight T-shirts, but don’t always love it when they’re so paper-thin that I have to consider what I’m wearing underneath—especially in destinations that have strict clothing expectations for women.

The Jungmaven Ojai Tee is made from a lightweight and airy hemp blend with a buttery-soft finish. Why should you choose hemp? It’s a natural fiber that thrives almost anywhere, with very little impact to the environment. It requires no irrigation, pesticides, synthetic fertilizers or GMO seeds, resulting in fabric that’s gentler on your skin. It has antibacterial properties. It gets softer with each wear and its fibers last through loads of washes. It’s also a phyto-remediation plant, restoring balance to environments by cleaning the soil, air, and water.

No, it won’t get you high. It contains CBD, but almost no THC, so it’s non-psychoactive.

The tee’s silhouette is structured enough to be dressed up, but relaxed and comfortable for comfort on long trips. The flattering, cropped length hits just below the hip, and the neckline is open and gently scooped, so you won’t be worried every time you lean over. The capped sleeve isn’t too short, much like Goldilocks’ comment: “Just right.”

Take care of you hemp fabric by machine washing in a cool temperature on the gentle setting, with like colors. Tumble dry on cool settings or low heat. Make sure you don’t wash a hemp garment in the same load as clothing items with zippers and Velcro, or they could cause abrasion and pilling.

The Ojai Tee lists for $46, and comes in a bunch of colors: black, burgundy, canvas, coffee bean, coyote, diesel gray, hunter green, Navy, rose quartz, sage green, spicy mustard, and washed white. Gets yours on the Jungmaven site.

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