Giro Range MIPS Helmet

Giro Range MIPS HelmetHeaded to the slopes this winter? Even if you trust your skiing ability, it’s important to protect your head. I’m always a fan of wearing a helmet, with a variety out there, technology is evolving every season to give you a better way to protect your noggin.

The Giro Range utilizes a 2-piece shell that forms to the rider’s head shape by expanding and contracting with the turn of a dial. The durable, yet semi-flexible EPP Construction wraps around the head to provide the lowest-profile fit Giro has designed to date. The two-piece shell forms to the riders’ head, providing up to six centimeters of adjustment for a custom fit. The dial design provides up to 6 centimeters of adjustment, plus enhanced stability.

The vertical tuning feature accommodates different goggles and head shapes, to minimize “gaper gap,” that irritating gap between your helmet and goggles. Giro’s Stack Vent feature was developed based on research showing the majority of the warm air that can cause fogging exhausts from the center top vent of the goggle. Aligning the Stack Vent in the helmet with the center vent of your goggles helps to keep them clear and fog free. The thermostat ventilation control allows you to tune airflow instantly with a simple, low profile control button on the outside of the helmet.

The Range also has MIPS technology. Helmets with MIPS are intended to be able to reduce the rotational force that may be transferred to the wearer’s brain in certain impacts. Want to be cautious just in case? Consider a MIPS helmet. Ultimately, the best way to test MIPS-equipped helmets is through impact, but I’m not going to go through a few crashes to tell you about how well (or not) it performs. Get an idea with Giro’s video on this page.

The pinch-free, one-handed Fidlock Magnetic Snap helmet buckle has strong magnets that make it easy to open and close, and they’re strong enough that the buckle doesn’t pop open without help.

For those of you who love to document your every move, the Range has an integrated GoPro camera mounting system, so you can show all your buddies what kind of sick pow you got on your most recent ski trip.

The Range is listed as a men’s helmet, but I’ve worn it plenty of times during this ski season, and it fit my head fine. So I’m not particularly worried about labeling. But my husband did steal it from me, claiming it fit him better.

The Giro Range MIPS Helmet comes in a variety of colors, all matte: white, black, turquoise, bright green, dark shadow (gray), glowing red and black fabricator. It lists for $240 on the Giro site, and can also be found at REI.