Gerber Essentials Dime Travel Bladeless Multi-Tool | Practical Travel Gear
Photo credit, Gerber

Photo credit, Gerber

This multi-tool device at first had me shaking my head as to whether it would be allowed through security. Surely, I would be stopped. Yet, I was only stopped a quarter of the time (mostly overseas), and when they looked at it, they realized that there were no sharp corners. So it passed through.

But, how could something so small do so many things?

The Gerber Essentials Dime Travel Bladeless Multitool has a pair of scissors, bottle opener, tweezers, wire cutter, and even nail file. Yes, this tool is, believe it or not, unisex!

I found this tool especially useful to take to conferences or exhibitions because it is useful in setting up a booth or preparing for a meeting. I liked that there is a ring where you can tie it to your lanyard so it does not easily get lost in your bag. Travelers will find the zipper hook to be especially useful if a jacket or luggage zipper breaks mid-trip.

Despite being so small, it is ergonomically friendly and easy to use even in small or tight places. The scissors come in handy in a lot of situations, especially in an airport where scissors are typically verboten.

Its small travel size does not necessarily mean that you have to take it with you on the road although it does fit perfectly into a car’s glove compartment. This makes a great stocking stuffer or briefcase accessory for the frequent traveler. It is extremely lightweight and costs about $25 from the Gerber website or on Amazon.