Warmer temperatures and post-vaccine travel are calling, and whether you’re choosing to venture out sooner or later, it’s time to take stock of your stash of summer outdoor gear. Do you remember what you loved about your shorts? Or, did you make a mental note to get a pair that fits your adventure lifestyle a little better?


I made do with what I had, since my journeys were close to home. But now that I’m eyeing a slow return to travel, I’ve loved the Fjallraven High Coast Relaxed Shorts.


These light, packable shorts are made with quick-drying stretchy fabric made of 87 percent recycled polyamide and 13 percent elastane. As the name suggests, the shorts have a relaxed fit and don’t restrict your movement—whether you’re hiking, biking, boating, or just hanging around. The elastic waist has an inside drawcord adjustment, so you can adjust it as you prefer for a personalized fit.


The hand pockets are definitely roomy. I don’t think I’ve seen pockets this big in shorts for quite awhile. Don’t worry, they don’t make the shorts bulky, because they’re made of lightweight mesh fabric. They are also zippered, so you don’t lose important items.


Roll the shorts into a small, burrito-sized package (they weigh less than a burrito, though!) for easy packing in a daypack or suitcase. They wash easily in the washing machine or hotel sink and dry best when you just let them air dry. It won’t take long. They’re among the fastest drying shorts I own.


The High Coast Relaxed Shorts for women come in black, navy, and rowan red, and list for $75 on the Fjallraven site. The men’s shorts come in navy, green, and dark gray, and list for the same amount on the Fjallraven site.