G Shock Blue

The Casio G-Shock has long had a reputation for sturdy and high-quality watches that won’t break the bank. This summer, the brand is launching some new color patterns that give the time-tested watch some new appeal. These new themes include the camouflage or blue color series, which adds a bit of pizzazz to the traditional manly watch.

While the color is more of a style preference against the matte black surface of the rest of the watch, the features of the watch remain the same. The metallic dial and markers plus a stainless steel casing give the watch strong durability. What I find particularly pleasing about the watch is that it does not easily damage if jostled around on a security tray or when I am being pushed and shoved on a subway.

The watch is designed to be shock-resistant and water-resistant as deep as 200 meters. It is also anti-magnetic and features an impressive stopwatch with speed indicator (not that I am running any marathons any time soon).

Lest you think the blue hue might appear childish or playful in a business meeting, the blue color is rather subtle appearing only subtly on the watch hands and number markings. This watch is a mix between a digital and traditional watch with digital numbers that appear in the background with the date and time. It can access various time zones from around the world, which for me made it one of the best features because I could display multiple time zones conspicuously on my wrist (without having to look at my phone!).

It has countdown, alarm clock, and best of all, snooze alarm features. That is the perfect antidote for jetlagged travelers!

While I did not try out the camouflage watch, I found it kind of fun to match the blue tones on the watch with a nice blue dress shirt at a work meeting.

Depending upon the style and design it can range in cost between $120-170 and retails on the G-Shock website or on Amazon. This watch is a tough cookie when it comes to time pieces and is designed for a long life and long-distance use making it the perfect gift for frequent fliers and business travelers.