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I love Nau. I love it for the timeless style and function of all their clothes. The color ways, cuts and pieces could last you a lifetime! When Nau launched in 2007 the company’s ethos lead them to a special code name: UTW. This stands for “UnF**k The World”. How can you not support a company with that model?

For your 2019 wardrobe update we are covering 4 pieces from the brand’s line. Chris’ review of the men’s line can be found HERE.

Asym Lite Trench

This trench is made for everyone. For us, as avid adventurers and airport aficionados, the Asym Lite Trench is a go-to! I only wish I knew this jacket was contained in the box it came in. It was SO tiny I thought it was another product. The shipping packaging immediately sold me on the packability of this jacket. Rolled up, I can fit it into my backpack’s water bottle pouch.

The Asym Lite Trench exterior and interior is made from recycled polyester and weighs in a 3.6 ounces or 120 grams.

I have the jacket in Plum and the color is gorgeous. It is a little brighter than the color on the website, a welcomed change from all the navy and black I see at the stores. I was hesitant about the asymmetrical hem however with the angle, it makes the jacket more comfortable to wear while I am lugging suitcases and children because it moves with you instead of trying to stay perfectly placed in the center of your body. In addition, thanks to some Holiday indulgences, the off-centered zipper is helping to hide those cookies and hot chocolate that have taken a place of permanence on my lower stomach and thighs.

Cuff of the Asym Lite Trench

I normally wear a size 4 and the small fits perfectly, even with a medium thickness sweater underneath. The fit is advertised as regular but I would describe it a skimming the body. Perfect for keeping you warm in the winter and spring months. Coming from a company based in the Northwest, it is no surprise the Asym Lite Trench can last you about 9 months of windy, chilly weather. The Aysm Lite Trench is heavy enough to keep me warm in the cold gyms of club basketball and comfortable on planes.

Placed over your favorite little black dress, office trousers and even jeans, the Asym Lite Trench can easily be dressed to match the occasion. This makes it a great one coat and done for traveling. But, I my other life I am a busy mom to two very active boys and when I am going from the office to basketball I can make my leggings look a little less like pajamas when I throw the Aysm Lite Trench and a scarf. There is even a little zippered pocket on the inside of the right pocket. This is perfect for emergency money, chapstick or an ID.

Soft and warm neck of the Asym Lite Trench

If you look for clothes like me, no matter the fit, color, rating, or my intense desire to own it, if I cannot wash it, it cannot come home. Praise the jacket gods, the Asym Lite Trench can be thrown in your home washing machine on the gentle cycle.

The Asym Lite Trench retails for $275. If you think about the use you’ll have out of the Asym Lite Trench for the 9 months you wear it a year, that’s only $31 a month. That’s a steal and cheaper than any Amazon Prime addiction one could have.

Hyperspacer Funnel Neck Pullover

{Announcer Voice} And in this corner of Leah’s closet is the small but mighty Hyperspacer Funnel Neck Pullover. Weighing in at 8.9 ounces, this pullover packs a punch in warmth with a high class look.

If you follow my reviews, you know I am the friend that is ALWAYS cold. In the dead of winter, I would bust out this Hyperspacer Funnel Neck Pullover. It is constructed of 75% recycled polyester and 25% organic cotton. The cotton and polyester fabrics are woven together in a two-layer system to trap heat into the garment. While the Hyperspacer Funnel Neck Pullover is warm, the fabric construction allows for moisture control and breathability.

My favorite way to wear the Hyperspacer Funnel Neck Pullover is with my moto leggings and a tank underneath in a contrasting color. Depending on the weather, I can even throw on my favorite jean jacket over the pullover for an Urban feel. This is one item that can be worn late Spring into Winter.

If you are a basketball mom like me, I highly suggest the Hyperspacer Funnel Neck Pullover for all those incredibly cold gyms. With the athletic inspired cut and style of the Hyperspacer Funnel Neck Pullover, it is easy to dress it up for weekends at the side lines, brunch after the gym with your best friends, road trips to the mountains and paired with some slightly destressed jeans, you’ll have to fend off friends when they try to “forever borrow it”.

The Hyperspacer Funnel Neck Pullover will replace your tired sweaters with a fresh look and feel. Available in three color choices, Plum Heather, Caviar and Cape Heather the Hyperspacer Funnel Neck Pullover with easily fit into any color scheme your closet is already rocking.

The Hyperspacer Funnel Neck Pullover fits true to size and is easily cleaned at home in cold water with like colors. It can even go into the dryer! This is a godsend for those occasional times the babysitter or husband helps with the laundry and doesn’t separate out those hang dry garments. After a cycle through the washer and dryer, the Hypserspacer Funnel Neck Pullover has not shrunk or lost its shape.

Retailing for $98 on the Nau website you will find it under Hoodies and Sweaters. Check out our other reviews of Nau HERE.

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