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Frequent travelers know all too well how easy it is to stain tee shirts from sweat or the occasional spill. Since I often travel only with a carry-on bag, it can be tough to pack too many things.

And as someone who gets hot easily, you can bet I am probably sweating when huffing through an airport terminal (especially overseas where proper air conditioning is less prevalent).

This means that I go through shirts quite often, but rarely have enough time to shop. That’s why when I stumbled across the husband-wife developed and owned Fresh Clean Tees subscription club, I was intrigued.

These high-quality tee shirts show up at your doorstep each month (or every two or three months depending upon your preference) in a variety of colors and styles (including V-necks).

They are priced well below the competition and are made of soft, premium cotton that is not scratchy. I also liked how there was no tag behind the neck, which is something that sometimes irritates your skin.

There are quite a few subscription clothing companies out there, and frankly, I find some of them to be more of a hassle. Those that send you clothes based upon what they think you find fashionable can sometimes be a dud.

I usually have to send everything back, which is tough with a busy travel schedule. But, it’s hard to go wrong with single-color tee shirts.

You can make changes to your shipment schedule or style preferences online at any time. I find the fit of these tee shirts to be comfortable and not too loose. If the fit is not ideal, it is easy to exchange for a different size.

Plus, there are no annoying logos on the shirt’s exterior, and they can be worn alone or as undershirts.

The shirts have a unique side seam helping them to keep their stylish shape and do not easily shrink.

This makes a great gift for men of all ages and solves the age-old issue of worrying about tossing out expensive tee shirts due to stains. Subscriptions can be organized via the Fresh Clean Tees website.

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