Forrest & Harold Signature Leather Money Clip and Slim Wallet

No one likes a bulky wallet. It can be uncomfortable to sit on and bad for your back and posture. We all have a tendency to stuff every card with our name on it in our wallet, but how often do we pull them out. I have started only carrying one or two of my credit cards and my driver’s license only. Rarely do I pay anything with cash, but it helps to have a few bucks for tips and emergencies.

Since I slimmed down my wallet contents, I found that my previous wallet was too big. The Forrest & Harold Signature Leather Money Clip and Slim Wallet proved to be an interesting replacement. First of all, I really liked the stylish two-toned color options that feature a smooth leather surface with an interior accent color.

I am not too fond of metal leather clips because they are uncomfortable, but this money clip is actually a brushed stainless steel band that stretches across the wallet to protect its contents. This means that you can strap your cash to either the inside or outside (it’s always nice to have choices).

While I would prefer a wallet that has RFID capability to protect hackers from stealing my credit card numbers and information, this wallet is perfect for those times when you don’t want to carry something too big around with you.

Inside, there are slots for a couple of credit cards, and I liked that the pockets were quite snug so that the cards could not easily fall out. You keep the cash behind the clip, which has a sturdy and firm hold. There’s also a pouch on the outside for another card that you might need to access quickly without opening the wallet and revealing the cash you have inside. In total, there are four slots for storing as many as eight cards.

There are numerous color combinations, and it retails for around $40 on the Forrest & Harold website.


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