Fit for Two Wheels: Tonik Beth Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey

Sure, you can cycle in any comfortable shirt. But when I stepped up my bike hours, I realized that cycling jerseys are truly awesome. Over the years, women’s cycling jerseys are getting better and better and it’s much easier to find versions that fit and perform well. One of my newest favorites is the Tonik Beth Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey.

With a new update, Tonik’s all-time bestselling jersey is one of the best I’ve tested, whether for cycling at home or on vacation. The fit is flattering, without being uncomfortably tight, and the long cut covers more, so you don’t have to constantly tug at the hem. Improved shoulder and sleeve fit allow for a great range of motion. There’s also no elastic band at the waist, which definitely a nice-to-have feature.

The jersey’s stretchy fabric (87 percent polyester, 13 percent spandex) is comfortable for countless miles, and is also moisture wicking and has 50+ UPF sun protection. Flat, soft seams mean no chafing where they touch skin, so you’re not distracted by discomfort when you ride.

As with many cycling jerseys, this one sports a half zip in front. Three large pockets are easily accessible on the back, and have enough room to fit water, snacks, and your phone. The secure zippered pocked is a step more than many other jerseys, and optimal for stashing your cash, cards, keys, and ID.

Bright colors and reflective trim make you highly visible when you’re wearing this jersey on the road. As someone who has a lot of black clothing in her closet, I was slow to get used to wearing bright colors when cycling, but visibility wins out.

The women’s Beth Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey comes in three print designs: candy stripe, modern flower, and rainbow chevron. All list for $95 on the Tonik site.


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