Coffee. That intricate and intimate part of our daily rituals. For a coffee enthusiast like me, the apparatus used to make coffee is as important as the beans themselves. When I heard about MiiR’s new Standard French Press, I was compelled to try it out.

Unboxing & First Impressions: Right out of the box, the MiiR French Press boasts of an immaculate craftsmanship. It’s evident that a lot of thought and precision has gone into the design. The sleek aesthetics complemented by the robust construction made it feel premium and durable. The 18/8 stainless steel is shatter-proof and picture perfect!

The 1L Size: One of the most distinguishing features is its size. The 1L capacity is generous and perfect for those days when you have friends over or just for those who consume multiple cups a day (like me). It ensures that you don’t need to go through the brewing process multiple times. But it’s not just about the capacity; the design ensures a balanced weight distribution, so even when full, it doesn’t feel overly cumbersome.

Removable Basket for Wet Grounds: One of my gripes with some French presses has always been the cleanup. Getting the wet grounds out can sometimes be a messy affair. But MiiR seems to have tackled this problem head-on with their removable basket. After pressing and pouring out your coffee, the basket just lifts out, making disposal of the wet grounds effortless. This small yet significant feature amplified my entire experience. It’s not just a functional advantage; it’s an environmental one, making composting grounds much simpler. Don’t forget to plop those grounds into your flower and vegetable beds!

The Taste Test: Of course, the real test of any French Press is the taste of the coffee it produces. Using my favorite blend of coarse grounds, I brewed my first batch. Currently, I am a trying to get caught up on Yellowstone so the Bunk House brew has been a go-to. The double-walled design seemed to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the brewing process. The result? A rich, bold, and aromatic cup of coffee. The flavors felt enhanced, and there was no hint of over-extraction, which can sometimes be an issue with larger French presses. The result? A smooth cup of coffee sans the bitterness of Beth Dutton.

Conclusion: MiiR’s new Standard French Press isn’t just another coffee apparatus. It’s a testament to how design and functionality can elevate a simple daily ritual. Allowing the grounds and the hot water to dance in the carafe is the perfect time to spend reflecting on the day ahead or frantically packing your youngest’s lunch. The impeccable craftsmanship, the thoughtful design of the 1L size, and the innovative removable basket feature combine to deliver an exceptional brewing experience. The taste of the coffee it produces is just the cherry on top.

I would recommend it to both novices and connoisseurs. It seamlessly merges form with function, making your coffee ritual both elegant and efficient. The MiiR French Press would make for a great college student, stay at home parent and executive gift. It retails for $99.95 and is available in two colors: Black and Stainless.


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