With classic styling and versatile tin cloth, the Short Lined Cruiser is my new, favorite go-to jacket. This jacket is equally qualified for a night on the town or an entire day on the motorcycle. My original intent for the jacket was to use it as a versatile outer layer while ripping around the twisty roads of the Colorado Rocky Mountains on my cafe racer. However, I quickly discovered I was looking for excuses to wear it every time I left the house.

I’ve never been happy with motorcycle outerwear. It ranges from cheesy leather jackets with patches and fringe to even cheesier, day-glow, safety green, hermetically sealed ballistic nylon shells that are bulky and awkward to wear at best. My ideal jacket is reasonably light, tailored to fit like a glove, wind and water resistant, and offers a little bit of protection against the ever-present pavement flying past my toes at sixty miles per hour. The Short Lined Cruiser meets all of those needs.

Filson Short Lined Cruiser JacketThe Seattle fit is absolutely perfect for me. The hem hits right at my hip, so when I’m leaned over the handlebars twisting throttle or tying my boot laces, there isn’t a big pooch of annoying fabric over my abdomen. The sleeve length is also spot on, hitting at my wrists; a tailor would be impressed. The jacket is slim fitting giving it a sleek, modern appearance, but still roomy enough to add a layer inside for chilly spring and fall rides.

The rugged Tin Cloth offers, in my opinion, the right blend of protection and movement. Motorcycle specific jackets with built-in body armor feel and look cumbersome, while also being stiflingly hot on a summer day. A t-shirt feels great on a hot day, but offers virtually no protection. In the event of a crash, the Tin Cloth won’t be unharmed, but it will definitely keep the majority of skin on your person where it belongs, and it feels good knowing that.

The oil finished Tin Cloth is a fantastic blend of style and utilitarianism. The fabric breathes just enough to keep you cool on a hot summer day, but it’s dense enough to keep the cold-morning chill off. Amazingly, it also resists water enough to keep you dry just in case you get stuck riding through an afternoon rain shower. And when you reach your destination covered in road dust and dead bugs, the jacket simply wipes clean like magic, so you can sit next to that attractive girl at the bar with the tussled hair and rugged, intriguing look of the road without
looking dirty.

Speaking of style, Colorado is a technical outwear mecca and most people wear their techy micro-puff, or 2-layer gore-tex rain jacket, or whatever their favorite tech outwear piece is at the moment, out to the bar or restaurant on a regular basis. And within that ocean of bulky-fitting, loud-colored greens, blues, reds and purples, you’ll find me in an oasis of muted tan and impeccable style receiving compliments in the Short Lined Cruiser. The classic fit goes equally well with a graphic tee, a layering flannel or a button down depending on the occasion. This is, hands-down, the best jacket I’ll have for years to come.

The Filson Short Lined Cruiser jacket comes in dark tan and black and goes for $325 available at Filson.com

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