Fellowes MobilePro Series Executive Tablet Case
  • All-in-one mobile workstation allows you to carry and work with your iPad Air/Air 2.
  • Smart Connect Case allows for an iPad Air/Air 2 to be used in-folio.
  • Smart Connect System magnetically attaches keyboard cover to inside of folio.
  • Includes removable Bluetooth keyboard with integrated wrist support.
  • Folio includes business card holders, file folder and magnetic closure.

I must admit that I was not really a fan of Bluetooth keyboards to begin with when it comes to typing on an iPad. I found them to be clunky and poorly designed to respond to fast typing. Plus, they were awkward to set up, and the screen would jiggle when I typed.

The new Fellowes MobilePro Series Deluxe Folio seems to have improved upon those weaknesses to the point that I wanted to give the concept another try.

There are versions for different types of iPads, and Fellowes sells the keyboard separately for those that get frustrated by the flimsier keyboard generally used. That means that you can just purchase the folio itself to use independently without the need for typing, which is still the most frequent way I am using this product.

Let’s start with the professional looking case, which provides substantial support and protection for your iPad while also looking more businesslike when using it in a meeting or office. There is an integrated iPad stand (via a clever connecting stand that is removable and shifts for various angle degrees of display) plus space for a pad and pen.

You can use this at a conference or when giving presentations. This is fantastic for smaller settings because it means there is no need to fumble around with screens and projectors.

Magnets keep the folio closed when not in use, which helps to keep papers or business cards from falling out when in transit. If you use the case with the keyboard, it has its own set of magnets that can connect to the folio so everything stays together.

The keyboard is a bit compact with some of the buttons crammed closer than normal, but that is pretty standard for Bluetooth keyboards. It makes it tough for fat-fingered people like me that type quickly and often without watching every word on the screen.

All in all, I am a huge fan of the case, more so than the keyboard (but that is based upon my own personal preferences). Those that are looking for a lightweight way to travel with an iPad and keyboard will find this upgraded folio and keyboard technology to be quite responsive to the touch and of exceptional durability.

It retails online, in different versions depending upon your actual device, for just over $100 on Amazon.