A little known fact about our writers at Practical Travel Gear, we love socks. Small ones, tall ones and even short ones. This is why we were very excited to receive samples of the Feetures no-show and their compression socks.

Have Socks, Will Travel

Feetures has moved into the absolute no show sock realm with their new Hidden Styles. Just in time for my new slip on shoes to arrive from Frye (best shoe purchase I have made in FOREVER) and our short family trip to California, I threw them in the bag as my only sock. Why do I have so much faith in these new socks that I would make them my ONLY pair for the trip? Simple. Feetures has brought comfort, style and support to my feet for the last couple of years.

The Hidden Styles runs true to size. On the heel of the sock is a thin nonslip pad. Thankfully this pad didn’t shift or become uncomfortable. It stayed right where it needed to be all day. Our all day experience with the socks wasn’t your usual, “Grab brunch and some small shopping” kind of day, either. This was a full day at Universal Studios Hollywood. Rides, walking, carrying children, escalators, food vendors and wizardry all awaited us…. and our feet.

Feetures Socks

By the end of the day, my Feetures held up, stayed in place and provided adequate cushion. The Hidden Styles line is most likely their thinnest line of socks. This wasn’t bothersome to me as I knew I needed a true no-show sock that wouldn’t bunch up on me. The back  nonslip area stayed put and didn’t rub again the back of my heel.

I was a little concerned about the  seam being on the underside of my toes but didn’t feel it all day long. The knit is lightweight yet there is enough cushion in the heel for support during the day. The design ‘Feeture’ I appreciate the most is the nonslip pad at the back of the heel. The Feetures Hidden styles are low enough I can wear them in my ballet-like slip ons.

If Hidden styles isn’t for you, I suggest taking a look at the next tallest style, No Show Tab. The No Show Tab comes in a variety of cushion levels and color ways.

Graduated Compression Knee High Sock

My day job keeps me on my feet and toes all day long. Some days we go 10 hours without a break. I don’t care who you are, after 10 hours on being on your feet, even the pressure relief mats feel like concrete. Compression socks are a must have. Finding compression socks that can hold up throughout the day and be washed without shrinking two sizes has proven to be more difficult than most of our trauma cases.

compression socks

When Feetures sent over their Graduated Compression Knee High socks I was skeptical. Another compression sock full of empty promises? Not the case with Feetures. The fabric is soft and has a small rib to the weave. No one likes the full pattern of the sock pressed into your legs hours after you take them off.

The targeted compression areas help to keep the blood flowing and swelling down in my lower extremities. The Feetures compression rating is 15-20 mmHg per sock. This is just enough pressure to provide support without feeling like your legs are being constricted. There are some reviews of Feetures fans running in these socks. I find them a little too warm to be worn on a run but, I am a minimalist when it comes to work out gear.

Where should you wear them traveling? Airplanes and long car rides. The Feetures Compression Socks will keep your legs and feet feeling fresh and ready to take on that new city.

All in all, after a week of testing these socks I can attest the prevent the stink from stress and work sweat, maintain their compression and wash well without shrinking.


Safe travels!