Summer is fast approaching and while social distancing may remain, we will be glad for the chance to get fresh air. The Fatboy USA x Miasun Sun Shade will allow us to do that while staying in the shade.


Perhaps the best feature, which was the first thing I noticed as someone who is not a do-it-yourselfer type, is that this is so easy to set up and take down. It arrives in a box tightly packed into a small pouch with button closure. When you unfold it, it is hard to believe that it becomes such a large size to protect you against the sun.

It has enough space to comfortably cover two adults and two children. The fabric covering is made from cotton, which is easy to wash clean or even blow dry in the breeze if it gets wet or sandy.

While larger gatherings like festivals and parades are not the norm these days, I imagine that this portable sun shade would be a great way to get a little shade for your family. Another awesome use for this would be for children’s sporting or outdoor practice events where you might find yourself under the harsh sun.

Fatboy USA x Miasun Sun ShadeWhen you fold it back after use, it takes some effort to get it perfectly tight the way it was when it is new (especially with sand or moisture on the fabric), but it can be folded tightly enough to fit back into its pouch. This makes it super convenient to travel with, especially if you are driving with it. An umbrella always takes up so much room with its long base and is often very clunky to carry.

You can also set this up in three different ways. For instance, you can set it up like a traditional awning with all four poles at the same height, or you can choose to lower the height of two of the poles to close off one side if there is too much draft or sun coming in from the side. That is pretty clever and not something you can do with an umbrella.


Not only does this sun shade protect you from the glaring sun, the fabric has special protection to keep damaging and harsh rays from penetrating through. According to the company, the fabric is capable of filtering our 96 percent of UVA and UVB rays.

The sturdy pegs that anchor it into the ground add comfort knowing that the covering will not fly away with the first gust of wind. A common problem with umbrellas at the beach, for example, is that they are only anchored in one place and can slowly start to tilt and loosen in the wind. Since there are four posts for the sun shade, it is a lot harder for this to shift in the breeze. The company says it is wind resistant to gusts as high as 23 miles per hour. Luckily, I did not have to test that capability.

It can be used at the beach or in the grass (dirt) as the anchors of the four tent rods are sturdy and easy to push down into firm ground. The aluminum poles are retractable, which means they take up less space to carry around in your beach tote or suitcase. Umbrellas are certainly unwieldy, especially if you are carrying a lot of other supplies for a day at the beach.

Where to find it

Retailing for $139 each on the Fatboy USA website, the Fatboy USA x Miasun Sun Shade comes in nine different design patterns, which allows you to show off your own personal style. It is lightweight (only 2.5 pounds) and large enough (86 x 59 inches when unfolded) to provide ample space for shade and comfort. Especially with travel down big time this summer, it will be nice to have a place to stay put comfortably in the fresh air.

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