Travelpro is really a pro when it comes to luggage and the Travelpro x Travel + Leisure Carry-On Expandable Spinner bag continues that tradition. Its brand partnership with the popular travel magazine proves that this suitcase is designed for the most frequent travelers. Travelpro is already a popular brand among flight crew for the products’ durability and quality. That’s why this bag also easily pleases frequent travelers.

What’s outside the expandable spinner

The bag is designed to fit in overhead compartments and domestic airline bag sizers without problem. That is especially important for those that travel all the time. And for those times when you do pack a bit more and need the extra space, there is a zippered option that can expand the size of the main interior pocket providing more room. It delivers two more inches of space.

The four, durable wheels spin in all directions making it easy to drag across most surfaces including carpet and rough sidewalks. Pulling it behind you or dragging it alongside you is simple thanks to the extendable handle that comes out of the back of the bag. It has four stopping points, which allows you to adjust it to your own height or personal preference.

Its hard-shell exterior protects the contents even when the bag gets knocked around by less-than-careful baggage handlers or when bumped by other bags in baggage claim. While Travelpro says the bag is meant to minimize scuffs, it does show wear after frequent use. For many travelers, those “battle scars” show that they are experienced road warriors.

Durability and design

Another important feature of hard-sided bags is that if it rains or it gets wet, moisture does not seep inside. Even if you do not intend to leave your bags outside, baggage handlers sometimes might.

Expandable SpinnerZinc corners on the bags add extra protection to the points of the suitcase that take the most brunt force. An approved TSA lock with two zippers that hook together adds an extra layer of protection from prying hands.

There are handles on the top and side of the bag making it easier to lift. I liked that my briefcase easily slips over the back of the bag. Another feature I really liked are the decorative leather accents on the exterior of the bag making it stand out so someone does not accidentally take it from the overhead bin (something that anyone with an Away bag will tell you has happened to them, myself included).

The Travelpro x Travel + Leisure Carry-On Expandable Spinner comes in three different colors and in two sizes (one compact and one carry-on). The former is 22 inches tall while the latter is 23 inches tall. The compact bag is 14 inches wide and fits in the carry-on sizers without a problem while the slightly larger one fits easily into overhead compartments without a problem although some nosy gate agents may force you to gate check it.

What’s inside the expandable spinner

The bag allows you to stay organized even if you do not travel with packing cubes. Two separate zippered compartments provide ample space for storage. Additional pockets allow you to store smaller items that you want to keep apart. For toiletries, there is a removable, water-resistant pouch that can keep them separated from the rest of your clothes in case something leaks.

When empty the bag weighs about nine pounds, which is in line with other bags of this size. It can hold a lot without making it difficult to roll across different floor surfaces.

Most Travelpro bags are soft-sided, which makes this version especially popular for its durable exterior. The Carry-On Expandable Spinner that I am using retails for just under $500 on the Travelpro website and is popular with both airline crew and frequent travelers.

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