ExOfficio Kukura SkortHere’s the thing about skorts: They’re the perfect blend of skirt and short that allow you to go about your big, crazy adventures. Skirts may be good for some things, but unless you’re into exhibitionism, they’re not optimal gear for many sports. So, add shorts, and you’re good.

And over the years, the construction of skorts as cool sporty gear has improved. Take the ExOfficio Kukura Skort, for example. Its four-way stretch fabric is 92 percent nylon and 8 percent spandex, allowing for comfort whether you’re hiking or chilling out at a café. The fabric is both water and stain resistant, which is a requirement for travel clothing, as far as I’m concerned.

The shorts are made from ExOfficio’s Sol Cool fabric, which features Icefil technology to keep you cool and comfortable in hot climates. The compound Xylitol, which occurs naturally in the birch tree, is woven into fabric. When it comes into contact with moisture like sweat, it reacts, creating a cooling sensation similar to mint gum. Xylitol can cool the skin surface up to 5 degrees Fahrenheit.

Sol Cool also enhances cooling with efficient wicking fibers, which feature a micro-capillary structure to quickly pull moisture away from the skin and release it on the top of the fabric to evaporate. This keeps you cool and dry no matter how active you are.

The skirt has pleat panels so it looks stylish, but you don’t have to whip out the iron like you do for real pleats. It’s the kind of clothing item that you can wear all day for a handful fo activitites, and then roll up to the bar without worrying about changing in between.

The Kukura Skort has an internal elastic waistband and ExOfficio’s Indestructible Button System, where buttons are secured by nylon loops sewn into the garment for durability. There are two front hand pockets, and inside the right pocket is an additional security zip pocket for keys or a credit card.

The fabric has a bit of a noisy sound, but it eventually stopped bugging me, and I got over it. As for cleaning, it’s pretty simple: machine (or hotel sink) wash cold and tumble (or line) dry, without ironing. I’ve done all combinations of those, and ended up fine every time.

The ExOfficio Kukura Skort comes in black and dusk (blue) and lists for $70 on the ExOfficio site. It’s also available at Amazon.

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