Let’s be honest, ewool had me at “heated”. It didn’t matter where that heat was going to be applied, this gal is always cold and looking for quality gear to keep me on and in the mountains longer with the family. Thankfully, they were kind enough to send me the ewool heated Sock Covers for a demo, and OH BOY! did they come at the right time! Idaho has had record snowfall and some of the coldest days I can remember in my 20 years here.

The ewool Heated Sock Covers are a brilliant design. I appreciate the open heel of the cover and the placement of the power button and battery pocket. Both the power button and batteries sit just above the top of my ski and snow boots so they are perfect for winter sports. Most importantly, the heated toe box is ideally constructed with tiny heating coils. These sock covers ensure your feet are never cold. There are three heat levels to the ewool Sock Covers; on high, the battery will last 3 hours, 5 hours on “normal” and 8 hours on the lowest setting. The level of heat is easily changed by the power button. A small vibration indicates the heat level. When the highest heat level is in use, the light will change to red and you will feel 3 vibrations.

The heated coils offers even heating throughout the toe box. I am quite impressed with the design and the heat produced. Past products that we have tried all had short battery lives and the designs were bulky and not ideal for all day wear. ewool is a game changer and now I can’t wait to try out their additional products, especially those glove liners?!?! Yes, please.

The fabric of the sock cover is smooth and silky. Although it is incredibly comfortable, it is not recommended to wear the cover without a sock underneath. The covers do not add bulk to my feet so sliding into my ski boots is a breeze! I wear a 7.5 shoe and ordered the small size. They fit perfect! ewool does offer free returns if you order the wrong size and there’s a 1 year warranty on the covers and batteries.

I also love that you can hand wash these covers to keep them fresh and order free after a day of skiing or adventuring. The ewool Heated Sock Covers are most ideal in temperatures -40 oF / 20 oF. The batteries come already charged so you can throw them on and head right out the door on your first adventure. 

I can find a use for these for just about anybody out there- crossing guards, dog walkers, construction workers, sporting events (Hello, cold soccer games!) hikers, delivery drivers- the list is truely endless. ewool Heated Sock Covers are available on their website and retail for $359. ewool also offers free shipping for all orders with no minimum purchase in the USA, Canada and Europe.


Safe travels!

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