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Photo credit, Evofit

Photo credit, Evofit

Traveling week after week can take its toll on your body. Cramped airplane seats, bumpy bus rides, and neck and back cramps from sleeping in different beds night after night. The Evofit Enso Muscle Roller is perfect for alleviating those pains, and is commonly used by those who work out or athletes that need to have muscles eased after a day on the field.

The cool thing about the Evofit device is that it is not one size fits all. It is customizable for all body types and requirements. It comes as a lightweight aluminum tube with eight foam, but firm, wheels that can be added to the bar and positioned just the way you need them. The rollers fit into the small grooves on the bar.

You then roll the bar back and forth across your muscles. It felt incredible using it on my back although it certainly felt weird the one time I tried to use it in front of someone. It was more enjoyable massaging my back and neck on my own; yes it does look a little funny.

There is no need to worry about crushing the foam wheels because they are incredibly firm. The trick is learning how much pressure or what kind of angle you want with your massage, so it takes some playing around with it. Putting one wheel on either side was great for giving my shoulders some sharp relief, but I liked putting all of the wheels on the bar for my lower back or calves and thighs.

This is great for travel or for home use and makes a great gift with two sizes available. It retails on the Evofit website for $80 for the large model or on Amazon.