Everyday Footwear From Sanuk

If you have never tried on a pair of Sanuk footwear, your feet have never lived. It’s brand slogan is “never uncomfortable,” and I must say that on average, Sanuk shoes and sandals generally live up to the claim. Let’s look at a few of their offerings today.

Koda and Cargo

The Koda Select and Cargo TX are no different. Both stylish and comfortable, they are ideal for everyday wear thanks to their folded EVA foot beds made with an antimicrobial additive that has been tested and designed to reduce door causing bacteria. A great feature for those who love to explore on their feet or backpack through hot climates.

Both of these shoes are extremely lightweight, and pair well with slacks or denim. I quite liked the simplified laces as it made them easily slip my feet in and out. Available in a wide variety of colors and textiles, these shoes are great to purchase as multiple pairs, and simply switch the styles while traveling.

The Koda Select

Sanuk Men's Koda Loafers
9 Reviews
Sanuk Men's Koda Loafers

  • Synthetic. Imported.
  • Rubber sole.
  • Canvas upper.
  • Molded EVA footbed.
  • AEGIS antimicrobial treatment.

These Sanuk’s are designed for a relaxed fit. Made from vegan leather with a checker plaid lining, I found these to be very light on my feet (sometimes I forgot I was wearing shoes) as well as flexible, thanks to the pylon out sole that they have designed.

I found I quite liked the mid cut chukka style of shoe, as it provided subtle structure for my ankles, without being rigid like a hiking boot. Sanuk has patented tab construction that they say is designed for supreme comfort. The simple style gives these shoes an understated panache, and makes the Koda easy to pair with any travel outfit.

The Cargo TX

Sanuk Men's Cargo TX Fashion Sneakers
2 Reviews
Sanuk Men's Cargo TX Fashion Sneakers

  • Synthetic. Imported.
  • Rubber sole.
  • Canvas upper.
  • Molded EVA footbed.
  • Molded Rubber outsole.

This set of footwear features a folded EVA foot bed as well as a folded rubber out sole that balances out and stabilizes the shoe. The AEGIS antimicrobial treatment works quite well as I have found I barely have to air out these shoes after a long day of travel. Available in charcoal wool, black chambray, brown wool, and olive chambray, to suit any color preference.. The tab on the back of the shoe makes it easy to slip on and off, and the quality of the shoe will give me several years of wear.

Footwear and You

After a little bit of breaking in, both the Koda and the Cargo have proved essential to my travels. Ideal to bring on any trip, these shoes will keep the weight down on travel luggage and prevent any unnecessary surcharges due to a heavy bag. Designed to be durable and resistant enough for the outdoors, these flexible shoes are the perfect alternative to flip flops and other sandals.

Cleaning these shoes is much easier than leather, as they do not need to be regularly conditioned and shaped. Available in felt, canvas, and vegan leather, they are OK to wear in some light rain. These sandals also dry very fast, so there is no need to worry if you get caught in a storm. The Koda Select comes in three colors and costs $100 on their website.

The Cargo TX retails for around $90.

Alright, I am gonna quickly let Amy review the Sanuk Kat’s meow. See you in a bit!

Kat’s Meow

Sanuk Kats Meow Prints Women Canvas Flats
20 Reviews
Sanuk Kats Meow Prints Women Canvas Flats

  • Synthetic. Imported.
  • Rubber sole.
  • Woven textile upper.
  • Soft Canvas lining.
  • Removable duel density premium EVA footbed.

My perfect air travel day shoe is comfortable, easy to slide on and off, and stylish. The Sanuk Kats Meow fits all three criteria. This canvas slip-on is super casual, and looks good with everything from cotton skirts or sundresses to jeans or capri pants. This is truly a three-season shoe, looking great with everything from early spring through fall, no socks required.

When there’s not a lot of room for shoes in my luggage, which is basically always, I opt for the Kats Meow because they’re light, pack down flat, and transition well from the plane to city touring, museum hopping, or walking descent distances.

I wouldn’t plan to wear them on an ‘on your feet all day’ sort of itinerary, but they can certainly get you from the airport or train station through the city to your hotel, then out to dinner later.

The Kats Meow has a narrow, pointed toe, which makes it look just a tad more sophisticated than your average flats. It’s from Sanuk, so you can know the footbed will be comfortable.

This one has a premium, molded EVA footbed with AEGIS antimicrobial additive, which means that in addition to arch support and a cushion as you walk, the Kats Meow won’t start to stink after a few wears.

This is crucial in a flat that doesn’t require socks and doesn’t have much in the way of ventilation. The outsole is also molded rubber, and you get a nice leather logo inlay.

I wore mine for a day of conference-going, and these shoes will now be in my permanent arsenal of casual ‘dress’ shoes. They’re insanely comfortable while still looking nice enough to pass for classy…just about all I can aim for on a work day indoors!

They also accompanied me during a visit of a resort re-opening, where I was on my feet but also stopping to dine and shop throughout the day. As I said…these are serious multi-use shoes. If you can only grab a few pairs for all-purpose travel, the Kats Meow should be one of them.

They’re $65 and come in three colors: indigo, black, and red. I found the indigo to be slightly lighter than I expected…more of a navy than an inky blue. To save a few bucks, check out the Kats Meow on Amazon and Planet Shoes as well.

Looking for a Sanuk shoe that’s even more casual? Their Yoga Zen flip flops made of actual yoga mats are classic summer shoe wear, and insanely comfortable. Pick up a pair for $32 on Sanuk, and even less on Amazon. They’ll last you more than one summer!

Cassius Funk Packable Travel Shoes

Sanuk Men's Cassius Funk Boat Shoe
7 Reviews
Sanuk Men's Cassius Funk Boat Shoe

  • Imported.
  • Rubber sole.
  • Soft felted wool.
  • Textile.
  • Vegetarian.

I am back! Want some unique, nice-looking shoes for men that pack down thin and look nothing like your other “travel shoes?” These fun Cassius Funk ones from Sanuk are a great pair to change into after the hard walking is done.

I’ve often lamented that men don’t have many equivalents to the women’s simple black flat they can stuff into a pocket of their suitcase and change into with something nice to go out on the town in.

Dress shoes for men are kind of clunky and get scuffed, while many of those euro-fashionable slip-on things are far from comfortable if you have to stand up more than a half hour.

These Cassius Funk shoes have been my solution lately. They’re not dressy, but they look nice enough to make me presentable when it’s time to go to a restaurant or nice hotel lounge.

They’re not clunky like the heavily cushioned hiking or walking shoes I want to have on hand when I’m going to be sightseeing or on a trail for most of the day. Yet being Sanuk shoes, they do provide quite a bit of comfort under your soles.

Think of these as flats for men, shoes that take up very little space in any suitcase or pack. They’re also super lightweight, coming in at nine ounces. The upper is felted wool though, looking nice and providing a little warmth. The “no ledge profile” means the rubber around the sole is tapered instead of being a blocky Vans-like vulcanized profile.

I personally think the pattern at the top is classy enough to go with slacks, but if you like the camo look, there’s another option for you pictured at the right. If you want something without a pattern there’s a regular Cassius style (no “funk”) in five colors, but the rubber part at the bottom is white.

You get a molded EVA insole that provides some cushion and the AEGIS antimicrobial additive in it keeps your Sanuks from getting stinky. The rubber sole provides enough tread to give you traction but not enough that it sticks out. And hey, these are touted as “vegetarian” since the only animal parts are sustainable wool in the uppers.

Schooner Hi-top Shoes

Sanuk Men's Schooner Loafer
26 Reviews
Sanuk Men's Schooner Loafer

  • Waxed Canvas, Waxed Suede.
  • Imported.
  • Moccasin features like rawhide lacing Moc-stitched toe are incorporated into a fun, sneaker profile.
  • Moc-stitched toe are incorporated into a fun, sneaker profile.
  • Boat shoe look.

We’ve raved about super-comfy Sanuk shoes a lot already, but unlike the others we’ve reviewed, these Schooner ones can go along for the ride to cold places in your travels.

Some travel shoes are serious, but Sanuks are for fun. It’s the essence of their brand, reinforced through their website, their packaging, and their smiling logo. In Thai the word roughly translates to “fun,” but in the manner of putting pleasure first and enjoying what you do, even if it’s work or chores. Land of Smiles and all that.

So of course these are shoes that make me smile. There’s nothing pretentious about them: they just look good with jeans or casual pants and they’re comfortable to walk around in. The construction is serious though.

This starts with the leather laces, the padded cuffs, and the fabric lining. There’s a nice rubber sole that’s grippy, a midsole that’s stitched on, not glued, and inside is a very cushy EVA footbed with Aegis antimicrobial additive. So even if your feet are sweating up a storm, your Schooners won’t get stinky.

That’s a good thing too as these aren’t all that ventilated, like a summer shoe would be. The upper is waxed leather and waxed canvas: if you get caught in flurries or a drizzle, you’ve got some protection to keep your feet from getting wet.

I’ve done a lot of sidewalk surfing and stair climbing in these Sanuks and they feel like they’ll hold up for a really long time. They’re a bit too narrow for my wider feet, an issue that doesn’t come up with this brand normally, because these are designed more like Vans or Chuck Taylors in the sole construction. Once I rejiggered the way they laced up from how they came out of the box, that helped.

The Sanuk Schooner shoes come in two colors and whole sizes only. They’re lighter than they look and can squish down quite a bit for packing.

Sanuk Rasta Pouch Shoes

Sanuk Men's Rasta Pouch Loafer
56 Reviews
Sanuk Men's Rasta Pouch Loafer

  • New Embossed Footbed Made From Recycled TPE, Sanuk’s new “Foam Pit” Technology.
  • 48% Recycled Rubber Outsole.
  • Handmade Hemp Upper.
  • Super Soft Recycled PET Liner.
  • Vegan and Vegetarian.

Sanuk Shoes epitomize “kicked-back and comfortable,” like a Jack Johnson song on your feet.

This new Rasta Pouch style I’ve been trying out is no exception. They’re loafers great for loafing, with a comfy cushioned sole that keeps your feet from getting tired no matter how many trips you need to make to the store to buy more beer.

Part of their Sidewalk Surfers line, these Rasta Pouch shoes feature the usual emphasis on comfort, with a thick “foam pit” sole that has plenty of give, plus an embossed footbed made From recycled TPE.

The environmental efforts don’t stop there. The upper is make of hemp, the liner from recycled PET, and the sole is 48% recycled rubber. No animal products used, if that’s important to you.

What’s important to us is, are they good for travel?

Yes indeed. They weigh in at only 11 ounces, despite all the cushioning, and the upper compresses down easily when you’re packing. They’re comfortable enough to wear around all day without your feet getting fatigued. The insole is patterned in a way that puts a little air between it and your feet, which is especially useful for going sockless in hot places.

But here’s the secret weapon that vaults them above many others for travelers: the “pouch” in that Rasta Pouch name.

This pouch, located in between two layers making up the flap that goes over the top of your foot, is so well hidden that nobody would suspect you’ve got cash stashed in there. So for an emergency twenty dollars (or emergency dong, rupiah, or pesos), these shoes provide a good backup plan for if you get robbed while strung out at a full moon party on Ko Pha Ngan. Or if you’re worried about pickpockets in Rome or Rio, it’s a pretty safe bet they won’t be pawing your shoes.

The Sanuk Rasta Pouch loafers list for $72 direct from Sanuk with free shipping, but you may find them a bit less at online retailers.

Comfort with Kicked-back Sanuks

Sanuk Men's M Donny Flat
51 Reviews
Sanuk Men's M Donny Flat

  • Synthetic sole.
  • Custom seasonal textile with frayed edges on a wider profile slip-on construction.
  • Soft canvas lining.
  • Premium, molded, removable eva footbed featuring an antimicrobial additive .
  • Happy u sponge rubber outsole.

Lastly, the Donny Primo. The tag attached to my Sanuk Donny Primo shoes said, “These are not shoes.”

Hmmm, well they’re going on my feet, so I hope they’re not hats. Inside though, it says “Shoe upper + sandal bottom = ridiculous comfort.” There, in a nutshell is what makes these different. The cute little logo has a smiley face and you’ll probably be pretty happy too when you’re wearing these around.

Many times when we travel, we need hefty shoes with good support, for climbing that mountain or walking five miles on city streets. Other times, we’re on vacation, dammit, and just want to relax!

Sanuk makes footwear for the latter times, for days of palm trees, cocktails on a deck, and block parties. Times when the longest walk is from the lounge chair to the bar and exercise time means billiards, darts, or horseshoes.

This Donny Primo pair, my feet have been happily experiencing is from the “Sidewalk Surfers” collection. This model is $15 more than the regular Donny version ($75 versus $60) because it’s leather instead of cloth. Besides that leather upper, it’s got a thick cushiony footbed, a few little holes for air vents, elastic around the tongue, and room for my feet to hang out without getting squished.

When I take these off, the people in the same room as me are probably happy that these shoes are treated with an AEGIS Antimicrobial additive (I know already mentioned a dozen times) to keep them from getting stinky.

These Sanuks are made with premium leather that’s soft and supple. They felt fantastic when I first put them on and even better after I wore them a few times. Like Kara, I’m a little skeptical about the barefoot footwear fad, but these are a nice compromise: flexible, but with enough padding that you don’t feel every pebble. I’ve worn them all through a few lazy weekends and haven’t had sore feet.

The reason these make great travel shoes though, besides practically forcing you to chill out and relax, is that there’s no structure to the top of them. These will lie completely flat in that last half inch of space in your suitcase or backpack. They really are like sandals in that way, but with just a little leather on the top that covers your feet.

Sanuk has all kinds of great footwear for men and women, from flip-flops and sandals to Vans-style structured shoes. They have shoes with soles made from yoga mats and others with a secret stash pocket for your cash.