Most of us are working hard–both at home and while traveling–to avoid disposal items and reduce consumption. Personally, I’m on a mission to avoid disposable plastic at all costs, which, as many can surely attest, is harder on the road than at home. Eqpd is helping my cause with their Last Bag collection.

eqpd Last Bag

This is so cool! Finally, a reusable shopping and tote bag that’s sturdy enough and of high enough quality to truly be used over and over again. And The Last Bag looks nice enough to travel with me, too. Options range from solid hand bags to solid shoulder bags, mesh hand and shoulder bags, and a leather bag, all of which come in either a 17 inch or 21 inch size. The 17 inch holds roughly the contents of one paper grocery bag, and the 21 inch holds two paper bags’ worth. I would say they hold about 2-4 plastic grocery bags’ worth.  They stand on their own with a wide footprint, but fold down small enough to stash in a standard sized tote bag, backpack, or large purse.

I tried out the solid shoulder bag, which I immediately put to use carting supplies for a family barbeque at the lake. Later, it was put into use at the grocery store, and then when I traveled, it came along in the car, storing extra rain gear during a spring road trip. The coated material wipes off easily; go ahead and get it wet or set it down on dirty or muddy ground. I really like the shoulder strap on the shoulder bag, but might grab myself a standard bag (without strap) as well, just for easy grab-and-go use. I plan to have mine in the back at the car at all times for shopping runs, the farmer’s market, and the like, and then bring it on camping and road trips, too. It would be great at the beach as well!

Pick our your Last Bag in a variety of colors at or look for one on Amazon or other online retailers. The smaller bag is $50 and the larger one is $65, but either will be the last reusable bag you buy in a long time.

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