Edifier MP100 affordable bluetooth speaker

Edifier is a known-name in speakers, and their MP100 Portable Speaker is a budget-friendly option for anyone wanting music on the go. It comes in three fun colors, has an attached key ring-style hook to attach it to just about anything, and can be yours for under $30.

You get the sound quality you’d expect from a budget speaker, but it’s by no means bad…just not the crisp sound you’d expect if you spent close to the top end. It’s Bluetooth 4.0 and has microSD functionality and a 20-hour battery life, which is a nice plus. It’s dust-proof and splash-proof (though not waterproof) and comes with a two-year warranty. My phone had no trouble connecting to it via Bluetooth.

I like using my portable speakers to listen to news radio and music streaming services in the house, and I like how easy it is to bring the MP100 with me from room to room. We recently brought it along on a camping trip to the desert, and utilized the clasp to attach it to the ceiling of our tent, where we could listen quietly to music in the outdoors. My son has also attached it to his school backpack, and we plan to bring it on an upcoming trip so we can stream our favorite music without having to fiddle with unfamiliar sound systems in rental cars.

If you want to upgrade, you can opt for Edifier’s MP200 for only a few bucks more, but you lose the convenient clasp for attaching it to your packs or belt loop (or tent). But you do gain some extra color options. Another jump up will get you the cylindrical MP280 which does have better sound quality but a shorter battery life (only 10 hours). It comes in several colors as well though, so you don’t lose the fun factor.

We found the MP100 available on Amazon as well, for a few bucks less, and it appears to on offer at other big box stores as well. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly portable speaker that you’re not afraid to get dirty out in the elements or afraid to lose while traveling, the MP100 is for you!

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