ECOlunchbox Three-in-One container for road trip snacks

I love ECOlunchbox. These guys have been making quality bento boxes and snack containers for years, helping me reduce my carbon footprint as we travel. We’re big believers in skipping as much packaging as possible, which can be challenging enough at home, let alone on the road. When we road trip, which is often, we bring our snacks and lunches in eco-friendly containers.

ECOlunchbox’s Three-in-One  is a three-piece nesting lunch box set. What this means: it’s a bento box-style container that allows you to pack three separate food items in three isolated sections of the container, which all nests together for a one-piece system. Nothing gets squished and everything stays fresh and sealed…without any need for plastic baggies.

Of course, if you don’t need all three sections, you can take the Three-in-One apart and use the parts individually, which is what we did when we brought it along on our most recent road trip. We stored all three pieces in our favorite bolsa basket in the back seat of the car. The bottom section of the Three-in-One is deepest, and can be made even deeper by skipping the middle section, so if you have a larger item, just do that. If you have a standard lunch, use all these pieces in tandem. In the photo shown, my son has his lunch packed, so we’re using all three pieces. For Three-in-One menu ideas, see here.

Of course, the Three-in-One is made of 100% high-quality, food-grade stainless steel. I would expect nothing less. Because it does not contain plastic, the lunchbox is free of all estrogen-mimicking chemicals, such as bisphenol-A (BPA), phthalates, and bisphenol-S (BPS).

Note: the Three-in-One is NOT leak-proof because it doesn’t use ANY plastic (and you really need plastic gaskets or at least some rubber to truly seal these babies. Therefore, this isn’t your container for items like soups, though we did fine with yogurt. We just added a rubber band around the lid to play it safe.

For the nitty-gritty details: the Three-in-One has a 31 oz capacity (3.8 cups) in total. The bottom section has a 12-ounce capacity (1.5 cups) and the top section has a 14-ounce capacity (1.75 cups). The snack-sized container is a 5-ounce capacity (.75 cup). The whole system measures 4″ wide x 5.5″ long x 2.75″ high with a weight of 16 ounces.

You can pick up the Three-in-One on ECOlunchbox for $30, a nice deal for such a reusable item. Check out their other offerings great for road tripping while you’re there. You can also find ECOlunchbox products on Amazon and other online retailers.

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