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Best Reusable Travel Bottle From Eco Vessel Reviewed – A Quick Review

While I don’t typically travel with reusable water bottles, perhaps I should start. Eco Vessel provides a great metal bottle that is easy to clean and great to maintain the temperature (hot or cold) of its contents.

Sure, plastic water bottles are easy to reuse once or twice, but the steel and insulated surface of this bottle make it great for travel. For starters, there is a small metal frame at the top that allows you to fill it with things like ice to keep drinks extra cool (although the insulation does that for you already).

Also unique is the strainer inside that makes it easy to use for tea or adding fruit or other flavors to your water or iced tea.

What struck me most about this container is that it works equally well with both hot and cold beverages. You can take it to picnics, ball game cookouts, or all-day barbecues with something cold, and easily fill it with coffee or hot water the next day.

I do really detest when security folks get really picky about empty water bottles (there are lots of them that take them away even if there are a few visible drops inside).

Part of the reason why I keep refillable water bottles with me is that I want to make sure I am drinking enough water each day.

A secure, screw-top lid protects the inside contents from spilling into your bags. Since the bottle is steel, there is less environmental concern from plastic being refilled and exposed to heat.

Plus, the container is triple-insulated to keep drinks either hot or cold and can fit in most car cup containers.

The Eco Vessel is hand washable and sells for around $27 (depending upon the size) on the Eco Vessel website or Amazon.

It fits easily into any backpack or briefcase side pocket and is ideal for the business traveler looking for the container that best fits their drink of choice no matter what the temperature.


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