One of the first entries using an innovative new technology, these Ecco O2 shoes let the heat out from all angles.

There are all kinds of ways for your sweaty feet to breathe, from mesh to wide weaves to waterproof membranes that let heat out but keep rain at bay. There’s always been one problem though: the moisture on the soles of your feet has nowhere to go. Until now…

This new system has a Gore-tex membrane below the insole, then small tubes leading out to venting holes in the side of the shoe. So the top part of your foot can breathe normally through the tiny holes in the upper, but also hot moisture can pass out through the sole to the exterior. You can basically walk through puddles with these and your feet won’t get wet from above or below, yet if your feet get hot and sweaty they’ll expel all that and you’ll stay dry inside.

These O2 ones have perforated soft yak leather for the uppers and it feels supple from the first time you put them on. The supportive midsole has a grippy TPU sole on the bottom that I found to supply good traction while walking on wet flagstones and sidewalks. You get two sets of laces and the shoes are nicely cushioned around the ankle. They’re light enough to be your packed pair of shoes for walking around town on the other end of your vacation flight.

Ecco O2 ShoesI’ve gotta say my feet love these shoes more than my eyes do, however. They’re comfortable and are a real step forward in breathability, but let’s just say I wasn’t exactly flooded with compliments when I wore the camel colored ones with the salmon colored sole. This combination doesn’t work as well as the Oxfords we’ve reviewed from Wolverine. I would have preferred a black or brown sole that didn’t stick out so much. The mocha and concrete ones come with white soles, which is a bit better but still a little jarring looking to me.

You and your significant other may feel differently though, so I’ll leave it up to you on the styling. See the links below to check out all of them and here’s the women’s version.

The new Ecco O2 shoes just came out and list at a (European-made) $190. See more info at the company website and shop for them online at Amazon, Zappos, or Planet Shoes.

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