While attending the outdoor show in the summer of 2017, we specifically requested the EagleCreek Converge Weekend Gear Kit for our 4 day trip to Cuba.

The EagleCreek Converge Weekend Gear Kit has everything your wonderlust heart needs in a weekend getaway bag. The Converge Weekend Gear Kit comes with:

  • Converge Weekend Gear Kit
  • Pack-It Converge™ Cube S
  • Cube M
  • 2-Sided Cube- Fits up to Men’s size 9 shoes
  • Toiletry Cube
  • Garment Sleeve- with integrated hanger

Each packing cube fits together to ensure an organized trip. The front pockets of the Converge Weekend bag fits cords or a pair of shoes nicely while the ‘briefcase pocket’ as I like to refer to it, can organize your devices, cords, pencils and notebooks. Also holds chapstick and hand cream.

Eaglecreek Converge


Padded straps on the back of the bag allow the traveler to convert the Converge Weekend bag from a duffle to a backpack for easier maneuvering in the airports or cities.

I found the single duffle bag strap a little too thin for comfortable carrying. However, the backpack option was comfortable and I had no problems with the two straps.

My only grip with the outside construction is that it lacks a water bottle sleeve. I can’t leave the house without my beloved Nalgene and with the Converge Weekend I carried it by hand most of the trip. First world problems, I know.


Utilizing the Converge Weekend Gear Kit, I was able to pack my entire 4 days worth of clothes, makeup and shoes into the bag. This included 2 dresses, 2 pairs of pant, one workout outfit, 4 shirts, 2 shorts, bras, underwear, a jumper, jean jacket, 3 pairs of flip flops and a pair of converse.

Using the top straps, I rolled a travel poncho up and had it easily accessible during the cold flights. On the way home, I was even able to stow away some Cuban Rum in the bag without sacrificing my clothes.

All compartments in the Converge Weekend Bag are lined with water repellant fabric. So if that bottle of Rum had met it’s match in transportation, not all of my belongings would be soaked.

There are two internal compression straps to hold all your belongings in place during travel. These straps also allow for the bag to be expanded.

converge weekend gear kit

Water Repellant fabric lines the outside bottom of the bag. This became incredibly important as we arrived in very stormy weather day 01 of our Havana trip.

And while Havana was an impressively clean city, I was thankful for the reinforced fabric to keep my belongings safe.

The interior packing cubes are, what I believe to be, EagleCreek’s signature. Every cube is expertly though out for not only form but function.

The toiletry bag stands on its own when in use on a counter. This is true for the clothing cubes as well. I appreciate the fact that the EagleCreek cubes do not collapse when empty and hold their form.


All pieces and parts of the Eaglecreek Converge Weekend Gear kit are available separately. However, if you purchase the kit, you save 15% in the total cost. While the bag is not a frugal buy, it is one that will last you for years and you will be happy with your investment.

I have spent too much of my life buying the cheap stuff and replacing it every year. Maybe my mother was right when she said that quality will always outdo quantity.

Not ready to commit to a whole kit? Be sure to try out the packing cubes with your luggage. It will change your packing life!

Eaglecreek Converge Weekend Gear Kit can be found on their website or components are available via Amazon.com.

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