Eagle Creek Pack-It Sport keeps wet gear away from dry gear

Eagle Creek Pack-It Sport

Whether you’re traveling or not, keeping your active clothing from your clean clothing can be a challenge. Sure, there are zip-lock baggies, and those can work just fine. But what if you don’t want to tote around a see-through bag packed with your swimsuit, underwear, or workout clothes?

The Eagle Creek Pack-It Sport keeps your packing minimal, with an 8-liter bag (dimensions are 10 inches x 13 inches x 2.25 inches) that has two compartments separated by an internal baffled divider that allows you to pack more or less in one of the compartments, depending on what you’re bringing.

Tuck your muddy, soggy, sweaty gear in the zippered front compartment, away from your clean and dry gear that’s nicely packed into the back compartment. Or, do it the opposite way, as you prefer. The bag gives you easy access to it all, and the top grab handle makes it easy for you to hang the Pack-It Sport inside a locker, or on a door hook.

Made of 75D poly antimicrobial and TPU mesh antimicrobial material, the bag also helps contain odor and prevent microbial growth. It’s also machine washable, just in case you get it super dirty.

I’ve found this bag especially helpful while traveling when a spa appointment or swim session has been part of my itinerary, as well as visits to Finnish saunas. It’s also been useful at home, when I’ve been out and about and don’t want to put my post-workout gear straight in my car for other passengers to check out.

The Eagle Creek Pack-It Sport comes in fuchsia/black, blue/black, and tennis ball/black, and lists for $27 on the Eagle Creek site. It’s also available at Amazon.

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