When I travel, I am gone for weeks at a time, and it all happens from two carry-on bags. That’s why organizing your clothes, especially for multiple temperatures, is especially important. And when you have dirty laundry that you’re not able to clean, you still want to keep it separated.

Eagle Creek has been a master at creative organizational tools that help frequent travelers. There are numerous products like the packing cubes that come in various sizes, which allow you to separate items like socks, underwear, or electronics. The packs are really thin and lightweight, which saves you from adding extra weight to your bag (every ounce counts!). Some of the laundry cubes have breathable fabric so that your clothes won’t smell when you open the zipper. The fabric is durable enough from keeping the smell from permeating your bag.

My favorite is the shoe box with a translucent white cover that allows me to pack a few pairs of shoes, and they don’t risk getting my other clothes dirty. The cover allows me to be able to see what’s inside in a hurry so I don’t have to open each thing to see if it’s the right travel cub. Most have handles too so that you can carry things easily.

The smallest of cubes keep jewelry, compact lenses, and batteries making these items easy to grab without having to rifle around in your bag pockets to find something. The style-conscious among us can choose among different colors, which can be important when security staff like to open your bag in public view to meander through your stuff.

Eagle Creek has a variety of these packing cubes available on their website for as little as $10. Believe me, these things can get addictive when you experience how they keep your bag organized and clean.


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