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Eagle Creek Load Warrior 22 – A Quick Review

Our family loves Eagle Creek luggage. We all carry Eagle Creek roller bags when we fly, because the kids are hard on gear, and Eagle Creek is one of those rare brands that are both well made and affordable.

Plus, I always know Eagle Creek bags will have smart designs that make sense for travel days.

The Eagle Creek Load Warrior comes in 26″, 22″ (carry on) and 20″ (international carry on) sizes. We almost always carry on our luggage, so we tried out the 22″.

The capacity is 42 liters, but the bag can unzipped to expand to 39 liters, useful on the return trip when suddenly your bag won’t close, even though you’re carrying the same amount of stuff as when you arrived.

This is what I meant about ‘smart’ features.

The fabric is tough ripstop nylon, with reflective accents and reflective zipper pulls. I love the oversized, strong handle on the front of the bag, which allows you to grab it and haul it easily into a car trunk or into the overhead bin in a plane.

You can even attach an extra day bag to the Load Warrior for easy transport.

There are several internal pockets, including a long mesh panel pocket (ideal for smaller items like socks or undergarments) plus an external zippered pocket at the top, perfect for stashing your baggie of liquids or your passport.

Compression straps allow you to squish the bag even smaller if you’re worried about overhead space on your flight. The carrying handle stows down when not in use, and you get two wheels.

I love how versatile the Load Warrior is, in its expandability and compressibility, and yes, it’s rugged enough to be dragged and pulled by kids. The fabric is water repellent, and we haven’t had any scratches or rips, despite many family trips.

You can pick up the Load Warrior in the carry-on size for $239 at Eagle Creek in three colors: black (with bright blue accents), smoky blue (with bright orange accents), or tan and olive (with darker orange accents).

All three colors are appealing, allowing your bag to stand out without being obnoxiously bright. We found the 22″ carry-on size for a few bucks less on Amazon.

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  1. Tom Fagan on May 13, 2018 at 6:19 pm

    The first time I used the Load Warrior, the knot at one end of the “equipment keeper” cord pulled through its eyelet, rendering the cord useless. My first thought was to untie the knot, feed the cord back through the eyelet and tie a new knot — but there is no access to the “other” side of the eyelet! Eagle Creek confirmed the problem, and sent me a Fedex label to send the bag for repair (crazy, right?). It gets better — Fedex insisted on a box, which cost me 10% of the bag’s purchase price, and Eagle Creek refused to reimburse me. The next time this happens (and it will), I will cut the bag’s lining to fix the problem, and use duct tape on the lining — what I would have done the first time if I had known the cost.