Eagle Creek Borderless Convertible Carry-on by National Geographic

Eagle Creek is our go-to luggage brand for our family. We must have a dozen Eagle Creek carry-ons of all types and models, and each time one of us travels, we snag one and go. I was excited to see Eagle Creek up its game with a new series designed for durability and rugged practicality, partnering with another name we trust: National Geographic.

This line features duffels, backpacks, wheeled suitcases and carry-ons of various sizes, all of which feature weather-resistant material and zippers, so start here to see your options. We tried out the Borderless Convertible Carry-On, which ups the game with zip-away backpack straps and treaded wheels in addition to the rugged material I know will go the distance.

The carry-on is standard sized (the US 22″ size), and the durable material can be wiped-down to clean, which is a nice feature. The self-repairing zippers are lockable, and the stowable backpack straps are pretty comfortable for occasional wear. You get a separate front compartment that works well for wet items or dirty clothes or shoes, and the top stash pocket is sized to fit your 3-1-1 bag.

Internally, there are mesh pockets for organizing smaller items or undergarments, and you get internal compression straps to pack as much in as possible. This is a bag you’ll want to use your packing cubes with, because–and this is my only complaint–the stow-able backpack straps do cut slightly into the space you get inside the carry-on. You do get a D-ring on the outside to attach extra gear easily, and the big handles on the outside make it easy to snag your bag quickly out of a car, at the luggage carousel, and more.

National Geographic has added some safety features too, like a small whistle on the outside of the bag, and reflective material throughout. I love that the entire series is made without PVC, making it an eco-friendly option.

The Borderless carry-on sized bag retails for $349, steep for a carry-on, but this is a well-made bag that will last you a long time (or a lot of journeys!). At the time of review, we did not find an option to buy on Amazon, but it is available online at Eagle Creek and through National Geographic.

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