I have been a fan of Duluth Trading Company’s travel bags since reviewing their oil cloth travel tote. If you’re looking for something more classic, consider the Lifetime Leather Tote.

This travel-ready tote is truly gorgeous. The full-grain leather is substantial and soft, and I love that the clean lines of this bag will never go out of style. It’s very simple.

I’ve carried this bag for months now, and what Duluth claims is true: the cowhide leather really does soften over time, without fading at all, and any brushes against things that leave marks or smudges on the bag rub right out.

I’ve traveled with this bag a lot, and it’s taken a beating in airplane overhead compartments and on the floor of airports, and looks as good as new.

Leather Tote

It has also traveled its fair share on the (somewhat dirty) floor of my car, and has been carted all around town, to restaurants, hotels and the like.

The shoulder straps are classic, double-handle style, and the perfect length to toss the bag onto my shoulder and have it snug against me.

The inside is mostly one large compartment (remember, this bag is very simple), but you do get one nylon zip security pocket inside for the important items, and two long, skinny side pockets on the outside.

These pockets are too narrow for large water bottles, but do fit my Swell style bottles perfectly. I do wish they were a little less narrow though.

The bag is unlined, and absolutely best of all, in my opinion, the top of the bag zips completely closed, a godsend when traveling. I hate it when my bag tips over in an airplane or car and everything inside is in danger of spilling out.

The size is 12½”W x 4½”D x 14½”H, which to me, is a medium-sized tote. It is not as large as some, but perfect for an airplane carry-on provided you’re not carrying things for an entire family.

In mine, I can easily fit my laptop, book, headphones, charger, wallet, phone, and maybe a charger and a scarf or light layer. I cannot fit a winter coat in as well, though.

My only complaint about this tote is that I do wish it had a few other interior pocket spaces. I like to organize my stuff. I have heard that purse organizers and liners do fit inside well, so should that be a concern, you could always buy something else to slip inside the tote.

Pick it up at Duluth Trading Company for $169. I don’t currently see it at other online retailers or Amazon. It’s available in four colors: black, brown, cognac (a light brown) and shale gray (which is absolutely not gray at all, but rather a deep, rich brown).

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