Jeans look great and feel great, except when they get wet. Most avid outdoor adventure-seekers would agree that jeans are too restricting and can get a little uncomfortable when trying to do the things you love.

No sweat! Meet the N2X travel pant by DU/ER.

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The DU/ER N2X slim-fit travel pant for men is a best-seller in the DU/ER No Sweat jogger pant line. Designed with adventure in mind, these joggers are designed for maximum mobility and performance, whether you are lounging around on the weekend or going for a hike.

DU/ER N2X Slim Fit

These joggers are made with a proprietary N2X fabric designed by DU/ER, which provides maximum comfort, softness, and stretch. The also come equipped with a drawstring, elastic ankle cuffs, and hidden zippered pockets for maximum comfort, portability, and performance. Many fans claim that they feel just like sweat pants!

The high-rise waist and ankle cuffs make them incredibly easy to adjust to achieve a comfortable length and fit around the waist. These joggers are also designed with TENCEL® fibres to help control moisture levels, keeping moisture away from the skin and into the fibres to prevent odors.

However, the fabric may not breathe as well as desired.

The N2X slim-fit travel pant is also designed with a wide gusset and triple-stitched inseams, which allows for a greater range of motion and prevents rips and tears along the interior seams in the seat and the crotch.

The pockets are also double-layered so you don’t have to worry about losing essential items, such as a wallet or keys.
The DU/ER N2X slim-fit travel pant for men also comes in a wide selection of colors, including black, forest green (or olive), navy, rust and many others.

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All in all, the DU/ER N2X slim-fit travel pant for men is an incredibly popular choice for avid outdoor adventure-seekers and active athletes. However, these joggers can stretch significantly; therefore, consider purchasing a pair that is ½ size smaller than the desired size.

It’s also worth mentioning that the slim-fit style can be a bit too tight and too long for some individuals.

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