DSTLD Raw Premium Slim Jeans

These Raw Premium Slim jeans from DSTLD are exceptionally comfortable for long travel days. What one may think at first glance is that slim jeans may be too tight for a flight, but these are not extremely tight.

They are a great, straight-fit pair of pants made in the United States with contemporary flair.

If you travel frequently to Europe or even New York or Los Angeles, these jeans are the latest style. Baggy, loose jeans look extremely loose, and I prefer this more tailored look. Plus, they take up less room in my carry-on bag since they are thinner and lighter weight.

They feature darker or lighter washes, and after multiple loads of laundry over time, the color and shade have held up nicely. Another important thing to note is that they have do not shrink or fray after constant laundry cycles.

DSTLD Slim Jeans

The jeans have a slight stretch, but not enough to notice by anyone except the wearer.

That is probably the primary reason why they are so comfortable to travel in since they have a bit of “give.”

The lower part of the jeans are a tad wider, tapering a bit to allow you to wear the jeans with boots or higher-style shoes.

The stitching along the sides is not too noticeable and blends in well with the color palette of the fabric.

The back pocket is not too low, which I find to be the case with many jeans and creates an awkward bulge from my wallet when I sit down.

The zipper in front is easy to slide up and down, and the button is stitched firmly so that it does not easily come loose or bulge underneath a belt.

Many people worry that slim jeans may be a bit tight in the crotch or in the side pockets, but designers gave that a bit of thought and made them roomy enough for comfort without sacrificing on the slim style.

What gives the jeans that signature color is the 24-dip dye process that the company takes seriously. But, what makes them most popular with customers is the fair price point of $65.

While most stylish jeans can cost several hundreds of dollars, DSTLD has created a quality pair that does not break the bank. They are available on the DSTLD website.

Now, if only I could stop spilling food on them while on the road! Good thing I have a darker pair that hides the stains well until I get them washed.


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